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O'HARA: What we learned from Week 13

The Detroit Lions aren't talking playoffs, but it's easy to read and listen between the lines and know that the possibility of playing in the postseason is on their minds.

That's what we learned from the reaction of head coach Dan Campbell and his players after Sunday's 40-14 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Nobody said the word "playoffs," but there were references to what the Lions could accomplish in the final five games to know that making the playoffs is a goal.

Among the other things we learned include the following: The welcome mat from teammates is out for rookie wide receiver Jameson Williams; Amon-Ra St. Brown has a short-range view on the playoffs and a long-range view on what the Lions will become; and a coach has a vibe on how his team will play, but it doesn't always match up.

We start with playoff talk – or lack of it:

Making the playoffs is a long-shot for the Lions, but it isn't impossible. The Lions are 5-7 with five games left. They might have to win all five to get in, which would mean closing the regular season with a six-game winning streak.

Beating the Jaguars was the first of those six games.

"We're 1-0," Campbell told his players in a raucous locker room after the game. "We're in a six-game season to this point. We're 1-0.

"I'm going to leave it at that."

Player's playoff view: St. Brown, the Lions' second-year receiver whose star rises higher by the game, was more expansive in his assessment of what could be ahead.

"This is the best game I've been a part of as a Lion," he said. "All three phases. I would say from the start of the season, I was excited. I knew that we were a completely different team.

"When you put it on the field for everyone to see, I'm excited for the next five weeks to see what we can do. We want to get on a run. We want to shake some things up.

"Even moving forward, even next year, I think Detroit's in good hands."

Welcome party: Williams' debut as a Lion was remarkable because it wasn't remarkable. He played seven snaps and had one deep ball thrown to him by quarterback Jared Goff that did not come close to connecting.

There are bigger -- and busier – days ahead, and Williams' veteran teammates are on hand to help with the transition.

"Like I told him, there's way more coming," said DJ Chark. "When it does, it's going to be explosive. Once you get into the rhythm, it's hard to be stopped."

Coach's vibe: Campbell had a good feeling on how his team would play against the Jaguars, but he has learned by experience that it does not always carry over to the playing field on gameday.

"You have these feelings one way or another, but you can't always gauge it," he said. "I've been around where it was flat, and we played – not necessarily here – flat.

"I just know the vibe is right. The approach is right. The way guys come in and work is right. These guys work out the way they did in the spring and summer."

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