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Holmes prepared to apologize to fans if Lions trade out of first round

General manager Brad Holmes doesn't want to disappoint the Detroit Lions' fans, but if he gets an offer to move down from their current pick in the first round he'll take it if it makes sense for the franchise.

In most years, Holmes would be expected to take an offer that would benefit the Lions.

But this year is different because of the possible impact on fans. Detroit is the host city for the draft, starting with the first round next Thursday.

The Lions have the 29th pick overall. A trade down could drop them to the second round, which starts with pick 33.

It also would mean that all the Lions fans in attendance would have spent a long day Thursday at the draft site without seeing the first-round pick.

Holmes is not insensitive to the possible impact on fans.

"We have to do the right thing for the organization," he said at his pre-draft press conference.

"If it makes sense and it lines up and it's the right thing to do, then we have to do the right thing. Hopefully, our fans will forgive us. We won't expect immediate forgiveness right then and there, but hopefully when the season starts."

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