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Anthony Lynn gives his overview of Lions' offense

Anthony Lynn touched on a lot of areas in his first press conference as the Detroit Lions' new offensive coordinator.

There are some positions that he likes, some that are in question, and one big one that he cannot talk about directly under NFL rules.

Bottom line: It's early in the offseason, with a lot of work ahead for head coach Dan Campbell, his staff, and the personnel department as they prepare for their first season together.

One of the first questions Lynn faced in a Zoom interview Wednesday afternoon was about the running game. It's been a trouble spot for the Lions for many years, and 2020 was no exception. The Lions ranked 30th in the league in rushing.

Lynn is known from his background as a player and coach in the NFL to stress a strong running game.

"It will be an emphasis to run the ball and run it well," Lynn said. "Defenses are too good to be one dimensional. You have to be balanced in your attack and approach. That's going to be our intention.

"I believe the more ways you can run it, the more ways you can pass it."

There appears to be little doubt about who'll throw the ball for the Lions in 2021, but Lynn treaded cautiously in discussing the quarterback position.

There are reports that the Lions have traded Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams, who in turn have sent their starter, Jared Goff, to the Lions in addition to draft picks.

However, trades are not official until March 17, which makes them off limits for teams to discuss directly. Lynn spoke generally about Goff.

"Everyone knows what the rumors are -- what's been said," Lynn said. "I can't talk about that. He's not on my team. I know he's a winning quarterback -- the No. 1 pick for a reason. Good player."

Lynn was more specific talking about the running game, offensive line, wide receivers and tight T.J Hockenson, as follows:

Hockenson: He jumped from 32 catches as a rookie in 2019 to 66 and six TDs in 2020. He was voted to the Pro Bowl -- although there was no game because of the pandemic.

"I think his ceiling is even higher," Lynn said. "I know he made the Pro Bowl and all that. He can play better. I like what I saw on tape. He's a good football player."

Running game: Lynn likes what he saw in D’Andre Swift in his rookie season but said the Lions need someone to go with him.

"I think D'Andre can be a three-down back," Lynn said. "I like his versatility. There are some things we can do with him in the passing game, get him a little more involved.

"I'm looking forward to working with that young man. We have to keep him on the field. I believe he wants to be on the field. We have to find someone to go with him. I'm excited about what I saw on tape."

Offensive line: "Right now, I think it's our deepest unit," Lynn said.

Wide receiver: Lynn likes the talent and depth that group had in 2020, but there's one major problem: Kenny Golladay, Marvin Jones Jr. and Danny Amendola all are eligible to become free agents in 2021.

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