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Rookie Gibbs enjoying versatile role in Lions' offense

Jahmyr Gibbs has landed in comfortable surroundings as a rookie running back with the Detroit Lions.

The Lions were looking for a versatile running back when they took him 12th overall in this year's draft. That role fits exactly what Gibbs was used to in his one season at Alabama.

He led the Crimson Tide in rushing with 926 yards and in receiving with 44 receptions.

From what he has seen in the Lions' offseason program and the three-day minicamp, the Lions plan to make use of his versatility.

"I love how they use me," Gibbs said after the final day of minicamp.

"It's something I'm used to – through high school, at Tech and at Bama. I'm pretty used to being used all around – learning all the routes and concepts.

"It's cool."

Gibbs has experienced the difference between college and the pro game.

"Mostly, it's how they practice," he said. "I think NFL practice is different than college practice."

He laughed when asked how practices at Alabama are different.

"We're probably hitting every day – in full pads. In the heat. For two hours."

There are no padded practices in the offseason in the NFL, and practices in pads are limited to reduce the risk of injuries.

"We get good work in," Gibbs said. "They don't try to kill us."

Gibbs has started to develop relationships with teammates such as quarterback Jared Goff and running back David Montgomery.

Goff has worked with him on the nuances of running routes, among other things.

"I can see he's a great person," Gibbs said. "He comes to me to talk routes and plays – how he wants me to run them.

"It helps our chemistry, and it helps me get better."

Gibbs and Montgomery have already developed a bond, which isn't unusual for two running backs.

"Dave's cool," Gibbs said. "That's my dude. We talk a lot, but not so much about football unless I ask him something or he asks me something."

Gibbs likes what he's seen in the Lions' offense, and how offensive coordinator Ben Johnson runs it.

"This offense is already a great offense," Gibbs said. "With me coming in, I think we can be even more dominant."

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