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O'HARA: What we learned from preseason Week 2

Pro football is the ultimate team game, and when one component breaks down the entire team can be derailed.

That's what we learned in the Detroit Lions' 25-7 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars at Ford Field Saturday afternoon.

"You don't like to lose," head coach Dan Campbell said in his postgame press conference. "And you don't like to lose that way."

Among the other things we learned include the following:

There are ramifications for poor play in the preseason, and they come in the form of job insecurity; one rookie receiver might have taken a step forward in the battle for a roster spot; linebacker James Houston's stats vs. the Jaguars showed that his performance as a rookie was not a fluke.

We start with Campbell and his take on the overall value of Saturday's game, and the potential fallout.

Job security: There was a clear message from Campbell in his postgame remarks that performance matters when it comes time for GM Brad Holmes, his staff and Campbell to make roster cuts.

"I felt like we found out about a few guys today," he said. "We have to know – Brad and myself and the coaches.

"Brad and his crew, they're looking at everything -- and it's not just our own squad.

"They're looking at 31 other teams too. We're always evaluating. We're always looking."

Dropped passes, breakdowns up front and nine first downs for the entire game could make the offense a prime evaluation target.

However, it should be noted that the starters on the offensive line, at running back and at wide receiver did not play, and neither did quarterback Jared Goff.

Houston: It's been a quiet training camp for Houston, which is unusual considering what he accomplished in his rookie season.

A sixth-round pick from Jackson State, Houston played seven games and had eight sacks.

Against Jacksonville he had six tackles, a sack, four tackles for loss and a quarterback hit.

He accomplished that in 36 snaps.

Catching on: Rookie wide receiver Chase Cota of Oregon is chasing a job, as his name implies. He had four catches for 60 yards in the first preseason game vs. the Giants, but only two catches for nine yards vs. the Jaguars as the entire offense cratered.

One catch was for a one-yard TD when he got wide open in the end zone to take a pass from quarterback Nate Sudfeld.

"There was a bunch of crossing stuff," Cota said, describing his route on the TD. "As long as I could keep hidden back there (in the end zone), I could come through Scot-free."

The clock is ticking down for Cota in competition for a roster spot with Dylan Drummond of Eastern Michigan and others.

"It's hard not to think about it," Cota said of the end of camp coming. "I think it's healthy. Nobody's going to put more pressure on me than myself."

View photos from the Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Detroit Lions preseason Week 2 game at Ford Field on Saturday, Aug. 19 in Detroit, MI.

QB stamp of approval: Goff was not endorsing Drummond over any other candidate to make the roster, but he had these comments when asked about him in a recent interview: "He's a good player, man. He does everything right. He continually shows up – I know he's good on special teams from what I've heard.

"For me he's a guy that continually is exactly where he's supposed to be on time.

"He's fast. He's sudden. He's smart. He's got good hands."

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