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O'HARA: What we learned from Week 18 

Defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn and offensive coordinator Ben Johnson are being considered to become head coaches.

However, they are strongly committed to the Detroit Lions for as long as they are in the playoff run. The Lions play the Rams in the first round Sunday at Ford Field.

"Both of them know this – it's all about us right now." Campbell said. "It's about the team, and they're very much invested in this team.

"Their opportunities will come. They can't do anything this week. Stay focused on what it is right now and that time will come. Of course I want that for them, but it's about us right now. Look, both of those guys are worthy -- more than worthy to be head coach candidates. I don't care where you're at.

"They are two of the best that you're going to find, I believe that."

Stafford's return: Matthew Stafford is as low key as ever away from the football field.

When he spoke to the media after the Rams' win over the 49ers Sunday, he was as casual as he had been most of his 12 seasons with the Lions.

The Lions and Rams will meet in the first round of the playoffs Sunday night at Ford Field.

"It's exciting for this team just to get where we are right now, to be honest with you," Stafford said. "So many people out there didn't think we'd get to this point.

"The opportunity happens to be in Detroit, which is fun for me on a personal level. I know it's going to be rocking there. They haven't had a playoff game there in about 30 years or whatever it is. It'll be a great atmosphere. It'll be a tough task for us.

"A football game is a football game, once the ball is snapped. Once the ball is snapped it's time to go play football. There will be excitement just because it's a playoff game. Anytime you're in the playoffs, it's so much fun."

View photos from the Minnesota Vikings vs. Detroit Lions Week 18 game at Ford Field on Sunday, Jan. 7 in Detroit, MI.

A word for Fox: Campbell went through a list of players who played well Sunday.

When he got to Jack Fox he had one word for his booming kickoffs and five punts that averaged 53.6 yards per punt: "Wow."

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