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Mike O'Hara hosts Media Mock Draft

Their names, faces and voices are familiar to you – and for most of them, so are their picks for the Detroit Lions from previous Media Mock drafts.

They're back for another stab at it, and they have a chance to be creative with the Lions holding the prime third pick in Thursday night's first round.

They all made a dream scenario and a reality pick for what the Lions will do. Here are the picks for our 2020 Media Mock Draft:

Dan Miller: Detroit Lions' play by play voice, Fox2 Sports Director.

Dream scenario: The Lions find some way to come up with Ohio State's Chase Young.

They can sign a veteran corner to help their secondary, but they need to shore up that pass rush, and he is the guy. So, they have to hope that Washington drafts Tua Tagovailoa or trades out to another team that wants to come up and grab a QB.

Then boom! The Lions grab Chase Young.

Reality pick: CB Jeff Okudah, Ohio State. Okudah is a heckuva backup plan.

He's a plug and play corner with everything you look for in a guy at that position.

Devin Scillian: WDIV-Channel 4 anchor, musician.

Dream scenario: Trade down with Miami to get two first-rounders and take linebacker Isaiah Simmons of Clemson at No. 5, and another Clemson Tiger – cornerback A.J. Terrell – at No. 25. The Lions get their cornerback, and we also get Simmons, a high-motor guy I really like.

Reality pick: My hunch is that even if the Lions trade down, they go with cornerback Jeffrey Okudah of Ohio State. I think Okudah will be a fine pro, but a CB at 3 seems unwise.

Dan Dickerson: Detroit Tigers radio play by play voice.

Dream scenario: DE Chase Young, Ohio State. There are few mock drafts that have Young falling to the Lions at No. 3. That truly is a dream scenario. A pass-rusher supreme with skills that everyone raves about, Young looks like he could be a dominating, disruptive force up front for years to come.

I would love to see this guy in Honolulu Blue and Silver.

Reality pick: LB Isaiah Simmons, Clemson. I know most have the Lions taking OSU CB Jeff Okudah and Simmons going much lower, but everything I read about Simmons makes me feel he's the guy here. Nothing against Okudah, but a linebacker who excels at defending the run and pass just seems like he can make a bigger impact.

Ken Brown: Mitch Albom Show, WJR-AM 760, Lions' pregame show.

Dream scenario: Lions take Tua Tagovailoa at 3, causing a panic with the Chargers and Dolphins. After a bidding War, the Lions trade Tua and move down to 5 (Miami's spot) and also get picks 39 and 56 and a 2021 first-rounder.

With No. 5, the Lions take DT Derrick Brown, Auburn.

Reality pick: QB Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama.

Jamie Samuelson: Cohost Jamie and Stoney, 97.1-FM.

Dream scenario: This pick is based largely on the belief that Tua Tagovailoa is healthy, and if he's not 100 percent now, he will be by the 2021 season. Tua would be a breath of fresh air, and the Lions would have a mobile quarterback who could compete with the Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jacksons out there. This is where football is heading, and as good as Matthew Stafford is, he is not that type of quarterback. Time to turn the page and make a statement, and Tua would be just that.

Reality pick: LB Isaiah Simmons, Clemson. Everyone has them taking Jeff Okudah which would be a solid pick as well. But I have a feeling that Matt Patricia will be wowed by the speed and athleticism of Simmons and the thought of unleashing him on the defense.

Brad Galli: WXYZ-Channel 7, Anchor/reporter

Dream scenario: The dream would have been to be anywhere but this early in the draft, but here the Lions are. Grabbing two potentially solid starters in the first round could be more impactful. I think their dream is finding a group of teams antsy to trade up — and over-trade — to get Tua. Then they have to build the defensive front seven.

Reality pick: I think Matthew Stafford has a handful of really productive years left. I firmly believe that. For months, I thought they wouldn't take a QB. As we get closer, I have a strong feeling the Lions will believe Tua is too good to pass up. Do I think they should take him? Again, no. Not with Stafford in place. But every time I guess what the Lions will do, I am surprised by something. So I think they'll take Tua — and I say it to prepare myself to be shocked. 

Matt Shepard: Detroit Tigers' play by play voice, Fox Sports Detroit.

Dream scenario: Edge Chase Young, Ohio State. Young is the best pass rusher in the draft. He has speed, strength and power. He is relentless and gives the Lions exactly what they lacked in 2019.

Reality pick: Thought about an OL. It's the weakest position group on the team. I'll go with Jeff Okudah, CB OSU. He's 6-1, 205 and is the best cover corner in the draft.

Scott "The Gator" Anderson: Karsch and Anderson cohost, WXYT-97.1.

Dream scenario: What better dream than to capitalize on having the third pick overall? The phone rings and it's the Dolphins, and they want a quarterback badly and are willing to get ahead of every team to do so and send the Lions the 5th pick and the 26th pick.

Jacksonville and Las Vegas both want to move ahead of the Chargers. The Lions accept the offer from the Jags and walk away with the 9th and 20th picks, plus the 73rd pick.

The Lions are able to bring in DT Derrick Brown of Auburn, CB C.J. Henderson of Florida and ILB Patrick Queen of LSU to bolster the defense and restore the Roar!

Reality pick: LB/S Isaiah Simmons of Clemson will be the selection as he's just too good to pass up!

Doug Karsch: co-host Karsch and Anderson, WXYT-97.1.

Dream scenario: Miami/LA Chargers and Jacksonville get in a bidding war for the No. 3 pick, and the Lions bring back a cavalcade of high picks. The Lions already own 4 picks in top 85. With the first pick Detroit walks away with a quality defensive player (Okudah/Simmons/Brown) who can make an immediate impact. Then a starting caliber running back (Jonathan Taylor, J.K. Dobbins), starting caliber guard (Ben Bredenson/Tyler Biadasz), and a starting caliber wide receiver (Michael Pittman Jr./James Proche) and still have a couple of picks to play with.

Reality pick: CB Jeff Okudah, Ohio State: Kind of boring, but just what this team needs.

Jennifer Hammond: Fox2 sports anchor/reporter.

Dream scenario: After finishing 2019 with a lackluster pass rush, this is where the Lions must go in the first round. With 16.5 sacks and six forced fumbles, Ohio State's Chase Young represents the most complete talent on the defensive side of the ball and would be an instant upgrade for Matt Patricia's unit.

Reality pick: CB Jeffrey Okudah of Ohio State brings a wealth of talent and will fit well in the Lions' defensive scheme for years to come. The handwriting was on the wall the minute Darius Slay was traded to Philadelphia.

Rico Beard: Host of "The Spartan Beat"

Dream scenario: QB Tua Tagovailoa. The time has come to start thinking about their future at quarterback. They need to take advantage of this opportunity and draft a QB that most thought would be No. 1 before his injury. The Lions are in the perfect situation because they can sit him this year and then bring him in next year, similar to what Kansas City did with Patrick Mahomes and what Baltimore did with Lamar Jackson.

Reality pick: CB Jeff Okudah, Ohio State: Okudah will become the replacement to Darius Slay. Lions fans will forever compare his career to whoever drafts Tua. Let's hope the dream happens.

Tony Ortiz: Morning sports anchor, WWJ-AM 950; WXYT 97.1-FM

Dream scenario: If the Washington Redskins trade the No. 2 pick it would leave Ohio State's Chase Young at No. 3 for the Lions. Any time you get heat on a passer - even if it doesn't result in a sack - it helps your defense, Young - along with Trey Flowers and Jamie Collins - addresses that need.

Reality pick: The steadiest player in this year's draft - Ohio State CB Jeff Okudah. Not that often that the Lions have what I would call a 'no-brainer' staring them in the face. Okudah is that player.

View photos of NFL prospect Jeff Okudah.

Michael Stone: Jamie & Stoney 97.1-FM co-host.

Dream scenario: Trade down with Chargers to No. 6 for picks 6, 37, 112 and 186.

Chargers take QB Tua Tagovailoa. After Giants take OT Tristan Wirfs and Dolphins take QB Justin Herbert, Lions trade down to No. 9 with the Jaguars for picks 9, 42 and 116.

At 9, Lions take CB Jeff Okudah, Ohio State.

Reality pick: CB Jeff Okudah, Ohio State.

Steve Courtney: Detroit Lions' pre- and postgame host; WJR-AM 760 contributor.

Dream scenario: Clearly, the name of the game for the Lions during the offseason was to improve the pass rush. If opposing QBs have 5 seconds to find a receiver they will! Any situation that brings Chase Young to Motown is fine by me!!

Reality pick: CB Jeff Okudah, Ohio State. With Big Play Slay gone, a hole has to be filled. Okudah would fill the void quite nicely.

Ryan Ermani: Host/Anchor Fox2 Detroit.

Dream scenario: QB Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama. The guy is gonna be a legend.

Reality pick: CB Jeff Okudah, Ohio State. Nice player, but taken with the 3rd overall pick is too high.

Jeff Risdon: Managing Editor USA Today Lions-Wire and Browns-Wire.

Dream scenario: Edge Chase Young, Ohio State. He falls to No. 3 – and I wouldn't trade out if he's there.

Reality pick: CB Jeff Okudah, Ohio State.

Khang Huyng, Producer Karsch and Anderson Show, 97.1-FM

Dream Scenario: With recent positive medical checks and workout videos, there is a strong possibility another team will want to move up and draft Tagovailoa. I think the latter happens and the Redskins trade the pick, thus leaving OSU DE Chase Young in the Lions' lap. This would be my dream scenario.

Reality pick: The Lions are locked in on OSU CB Jeff Okudah, whether it's trading back and drafting him or staying at 3.

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