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Badgley says it's an exciting time for Lions: 'We're here to win this thing'

Michael Badgley feels good about his upturns in fortunes in the last year.

Re-signing with the Detroit Lions this week after a solid season as their kicker is another step forward.

"I think last year, me, I was going nuts," he said after signing. "I wasn't with a team. To have an opportunity with an organization, it's awesome.

"What's there not to be happy about? To come back here with this organization, we know what we're capable of, what we're doing.

"It makes it that much better. It's exciting."

Badgley has played 60 games for five teams since entering the NFL in 2018 as an undrafted rookie. He played 30 games for the Chargers, 12 for the Colts and one each for the Bears and Titans before landing with the Lions last year.

Badgley helped solve the kicking woes that had haunted the Lions in recent seasons.

In 12 games with the Lions, Badgley made 20 of 24 field-goal attempts and all 33 extra points.

What struck Badgley immediately was the work ethic and positive attitude of his new coaches and teammates – and how it has carried over to the offseason.

The Lions had a 1-6 won-loss record before turning it around to finish 9-8 with a near miss on making the playoffs as a wild card.

"When you took the time and looked at the record, it definitely was a tough thing to look at," Badgley said. "When you're in the locker room after some of those games and you know how close we were and how much everybody was putting into it, you knew it was right there.

"You knew that we were going to be able to flip that switch. It wasn't just a coincidence that we were able to play good football. We were expecting to do that."

Go behind the scenes with the Detroit Lions during 2023 free agency.

It was a momentum shift on a broad level, one that Badgley said has extended to how the Lions' front office has approached this year's free-agent signings.

"You can even see it in the offseason, too, with some of these moves we're making," Badgley said. "We're not here just to be a part of it. We're here to win this thing.

"It's definitely an exciting time."

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