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O'HARA: Camp may be a grind, but rookie Brodric Martin loved it anyways

The excitement and joy that Brodric Martin displayed on the day the Detroit Lions drafted him has not been dulled by the rigors of training camp.

As the Lions closed out their last practice before the preseason finale later this week, Martin looked back on how much he enjoyed camp, and what it meant in his desire to win a spot on the Lions' roster.

"It's been work," Martin said "I came here to work -- working on my craft trying to be better every single day. It's been a grind for sure.

"I loved it, I love training camp. I got to practice with the team. It's fun."

View photos from Detroit Lions practice on Wednesday, August 23, 2023.

The Lions drafted Martin late in the third round out of Western Kentucky. It was higher than he was projected to be by many draft analysts, but the Lions were intrigued by his size. At 6-5 and and 330 pounds, he is a prospect who could develop into a dominating defensive tackle.

Martin knows there are parts of his game that he needs to work on.

"I need to work on my pad level a little more," he said. "I need to get lower. It's the nature of the game. The lowest man always wins.

"I've got to train my body to stay low through the whole play."

Martin appreciates the help he has gotten from the veterans.

"A lot," he said. "They talk to me every practice – what I need to work on, and how I can play a block better. Stuff like that."

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