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Marvin & Jazmyn Jones reaching out to support hospital workers

Marvin and Jazmyn Jones are reaching out to support workers on the front lines in the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic.

In an offseason dramatically different from the first eight of Marvin's career – the last four of them as a big-play wide receiver for the Detroit Lions – he and his wife Jazmyn are feeding workers fighting the deadly virus.

They are providing 1,000 meals on Thursday to workers at Wyandotte Henry Ford Hospital.

They also are delivering 250 cakes from Jazmyn's Nothing Bundt Cakes store in Troy.

Participating food trucks delivering the meals are Delectable, Stix and Stone, Mean Weenie and Brass Kitchen.

Marvin spoke passionately about what has driven him and Jazmyn to reach out in support of the medical workers.

"This is a crazy time right now," Marvin said. "This thing came in and basically rocked everybody's world, in terms of people losing out on a lot of things. This is very important to us.

"When I see the impact it's had on people's lives, especially people in hospitals – people that are not going home but staying in the hospital to work and fight this thing they – they're incredible.

"It's easy for us to stay in the house and not really do the things you're used to doing. But they're there, taking care of people, fighting the fight, and risking their lives.

"I have nothing to do but give gratitude to them and make sure they know that people are here for them and care for people as well."

The trucks will be parked in Lot C, located just south of the hospital's courtyard area, where they will dish out lunch offerings to the day shift employees from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and dinner choices to the evening staff from 8-9 p.m.

Marvin has not forgotten about football.

He and Jazmyn and their four children are at their home in San Diego, where Marvin is preparing for the 2020 season. He is taking part in the Lions' virtual offseason program, in addition to a personal workout program that he has followed religiously throughout his career.

"Our virtual program is just meetings," he said. "There's not much you can do. There's not much on the video call and stuff like that. It's just meetings.

"In terms of staying in shape, I have a pretty nice setup over here. I have a 60-yard field. I have weights. Me and my kids, we run around and do our thing. I'm working on my explosiveness and doing everything I normally do.

"I'm just doing it here – me and my kids, outside when we can, running around."

This is not the first time Jazmyn and Marvin have stepped up to help medical workers.

Earlier this month they helped feed approximately 400 front-liners at the Scrips Health System Hospital near their home in San Diego.

Jazmyn's Nothing Bundt Cakes venture has helped put together the initiatives in San Diego and Wyandotte. She is acutely aware of the pandemic's effect on small businesses.

She also understands that feeding 1,000 people is not as simple as getting on the phone to have lunch and dinner for 1,000 delivered.

"She built her shop," Marvin said. "She's been there from the beginning and has extensive knowledge in picking which food would be the best one."

There is also a benefit to the workers providing, preparing and delivering the food.

"We definitely want to take care of them," Marvin said. "We know the impact it's had on business ... everybody is taking a hit. Not only are we showing love for people risking their lives to save the world, but also to help those small businesses that are shutting down and trying to push forward."

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