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KEY QUESTIONS: How does Campbell feel about Thursday's performance after watching the tape?

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell spoke to the media Friday afternoon one day after his team's terrific win on the road against the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs Thursday night.

Here are all the key questions from Campbell's media session:

What did Thursday's game do for the confidence of Detroit's rookies and young nucleus of players?

The Lions got terrific contributions from rookies like running back Jahmyr Gibbs, linebacker Jack Campbell, tight end Sam LaPorta and defensive back Brian Branch, but also from some second and third-year players.

"I think there's a few things that came out of it that is encouraging," Campbell said. "One of them is I didn't feel like any of our pups that it was too big for them. I felt like boy they settled in and the stage wasn't too much for them. Man, that was really encouraging. I really thought all of those guys really helped us out and had a part in that win."

The great thing about that is those rookies and young players are just going to build on Thursday's performance and get better and better and more settled in as the weeks go by.

Campbell said LaPorta's blocking stood out to him as some of the best blocking he's seen from LaPorta even through camp. Campbell also described Gibbs as 'electric,' and said he'll get more of the carry share moving forward. He said Jack Campbell didn't play like a rookie, and Branch is a playmaker.

What has quarterback Jared Goff learned about the importance of ball security over the last year?

Goff went without an interception Thursday night, which extended his streak to 359 attempts without a pick. It's currently the third longest streak in NFL history.

"He's worked hard on his footwork, getting his hips in position and playing fast and efficient, and getting through his progressions," Campbell said.

He said all of that plays into ball security. Goff is playing steady, smart football right now and it's helping Detroit win football games.

How did Campbell feel about the defensive performance against the Chiefs after watching the tape?

The Lions held the Chiefs to just 316 total yards and quarterback Patrick Mahomes to just 226 yards passing. They also recorded an interception by Branch which he returned 50 yards for a touchdown. It was the first interception Mahomes has thrown in a Week 1 game since taking over as the Chiefs starter.

Campbell said the most encouraging thing about the performance from his defense Thursday was that after watching the tape there's so much room for improvement too.

"They are going to make us so much better," he said. "I like where our defense is at and yet when we get it where we really want it I think we are looking at something."

What are Campbell's thoughts on the NBC broadcast saying an asterisk should be placed next to the Lions' win because Chiefs TE Travis Kelce and DT Chris Jones did not play:

"Well, is there an asterisk by the 1-0?" he asked.

What's the top priority to clean up after watching the tape?

Campbell joked that he has a pretty long list of things he wants to see cleaned up before Detroit's next game Sept. 17 at Ford Field vs. Seattle.

On top of the list offensively is improving their tempo. Defensively he talked about getting off to a better start.

"They are very correctable issues that we've got here, so that's what fires you up," he said. "We've got so much room to grow and get better. But I just know that was – when you said, I guess the first thing I thought of was just tempo offensively. We can be so much better."

Is there an update on the injury status of left tackle Taylor Decker, who reportedly left the locker room after the game in a boot?

"Decker had a little bit of an ankle that he got early in the game, and he played the whole game with it and finished out and – which man, that was outstanding," Campbell said. "I mean Deck's a tough SOB, man. To watch him battle out there, it was impressive. We'll know a lot more in a few days, but I'm encouraged because I know, there again, he finished out that game and we're pretty good everywhere else."

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