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NOTEBOOK: Goff closing in on NFL record for consecutive passes without an INT

Lions quarterback Jared Goff is closing in on the NFL record for most consecutive passes thrown without an interception.

The last interception Goff has thrown came against the Packers in Week 9 of last season. He finished last season having thrown 324 passes since that interception, and he threw 35 more passes without an interception in Detroit's Week 1 win over the Chiefs. That currently places him at 359 consecutive passes without an interception, the third most in NFL history.

The all-time record belongs to Aaron Rodgers at 402 passes without an interception in 2018. Second on the list is Tom Brady at 399 in 2022.

Goff needs to throw 44 more passes without an interception to reach 403 straight passes without a pick and break Rodgers' record. Could that happen as soon as Sunday vs. Seattle at Ford Field?

Goff admitted Tuesday some of it is luck. He's been able to avoid a ball getting batted up in the air at the line of scrimmage and into a defender's hands or a ball bouncing off a receiver's hands, like what happened to Patrick Mahomes last week on a ball that bounced off Kadarius Toney and right to Brian Branch.

"If I'm taking care of the ball, we are usually winning games, so I got to keep doing that," Goff said Tuesday.

Lions head coach Dan Campbell said last week he attributed Goff's improved ball security to some improved fundamentals he's seen in Goff's game in terms of his footwork, getting his hips in position and then playing fast and efficient, getting through his progressions.

Goff, who is in his eighth NFL season, says maturity has played a factor too.

"Taking the shot when it's there and when it's not checking it down," he said. "Being careful with the football and not careless. But at the same time being aggressive when the shots are there and making those plays we have to make.

"It's finding that balance and I've found a good place in that and want to keep it going. As you get older you realize when the shot is there and when it's not. I think that's something that I've kind of learned as I've gone through the last full seasons. Just because the shot's called doesn't mean it's shot taken.

"But then also knowing when it's there and pulling the trigger and making those tight window throws. Finding that balance. As you get older, I think it's something you learn."


Offensive line coach Hank Fraley preaches to his group about the importance of the four-minute offense. In Fraley's book, there's nothing better than milking away the clock with the offense on the field and ending it with a couple kneel-downs.

So there was no one happier to watch Detroit run three straight run plays following the two-minute warning in the fourth quarter that gained 10 yards, exhausted all of Kansas City's timeouts, and allowed Goff to kneel down three times to get Detroit to 1-0 on the year.

"As an offense we talk about it all the time," Fraley said Tuesday. "It started even last year and stuff. Four minute. Finish with the ball in four minute. If you're not, and you did have to punt, make sure they don't have any time left to go down there and score.

"We always preach finish with the ball. The victory is the best formation in football. You know you're walking off that field winning. Preaching that."

Fraley said it was a far from perfect game last week upfront for Detroit, but he was happy to see his top five players in their first game together in over two years. He said they'll clean some things up this week ahead of Sunday's matchup with Seattle.


  • Aaron Rodgers' Achilles injury suffered just four plays into the Jets' season Monday night has ramifications for the NFC North. The Jets now owe the Packers a second-round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. Rodgers had to play 65 percent of the snaps this season for the Packers to get the Jets' 2024 first-round pick.
  • The league recorded a historically low 20.5 percent kickoff return rate Week 1. The return rate was the lowest in a single week of games since at least 2000, according to ESPN Stats & Information. The new for 2023 rule spots the ball at the 25-yard line if kickoff returners call for a fair catch anywhere inside the 25.

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