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Senior Bowl

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TWENTYMAN: Senior Bowl Day 3 observations

Rainy day: Both the North Team and South Team practices Thursday were moved indoors into the University of South Alabama facility because of inclement weather. It didn't hinder practice much at all. The Jaguars have a very nice indoor practice field. 

Big man on campus: Houston offensive tackle Josh Jones has had a good week. He finished off the week really well Thursday. He was dominant in one-on-one drills. North Carolina defensive lineman Jason Strowbridge has been really good down here all week, and Jones put Strowbridge on his back in a one-on-one rep. It drew some oooh's from the scouts and media members in attendance.

Back-to-back: The North Team treated Thursday like a typical NFL Friday working a lot of red zone drills. They also went through some situational team periods, where the offense had to navigate a two-minute drill. The North Team defense won the periods with Wyoming linebacker Logan Wilson and Ohio State linebacker Malik Harrison coming up with interceptions over the middle of the field.

Catch of the day: Belonged to Ohio State's K.J. Hill, who bailed out Utah State quarterback Jordan Love on a pass thrown behind Hill on a short crossing route. Hill reached back with one hand and snagged the ball without ever losing momentum. It was a nice play by Hill, who's had a pretty good week. 

Irish special: Notre Dame wide receiver Chase Claypool (6-4, 229) made the most of his afternoon Thursday. He had a nice touchdown catch in one-on-one drills and another in the back of the end zone in 7-on-7's. He was also a presence in team periods. It was a good end of the week for him.

Injury report: Saint John's tackle Ben Bartch was injured in Thursday's practice, falling to the ground and grabbing his left knee at the end of a team period. He didn't return. Clemson guard John Simpson was also injured (right leg), and he too didn't return to practice. It's unclear if either player will suit up for Saturday's game.

Versatile TE: LSU tight end Stephen Sullivan (6-5, 245) showed off some versatility during Thursday's South Team practice. He's been a reliable target over the middle this week for the South Team quarterbacks. Sullivan even lined up out wide and in one 7-on-7 rep easily beat the cornerback covering him with a great move off the line of scrimmage and a good catch in the corner of the end zone.

Surgical two-minute: Oregon's Justin Herbert is the best quarterback down here. He led a surgical two-minute drill late in the South Team practice. Herbert is big (6-6, 227) and strong, and can make all the throws. He was poised in the pocket and made a couple really nice throws downfield to set kicker Rodrigo Blankenship (Georgia) up for a field goal to win a period for the offense. Quarterback Steven Montez finished off the period hooking up with Vanderbilt wide receiver Kalija Lipscomb for a long touchdown down the middle to win the period for the South Team offense.

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