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Jones Jr. returns to practice from NFI list: It felt good to be out there

The surroundings look similar, but the vibe is different for wide receiver Marvin Jones Jr. in his return to the Detroit Lions after a two-year stint with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Jones practiced for the first time in training camp Monday, and it felt good to get out on the field after working out on the sideline. He was on the Non-Football-Injury list until Monday because of a minor injury.

That prevented him from practicing with the team until Monday, when he was taken off the list.

"It was good just getting out there running routes against the defense," Jones said. "I knew it was going to come soon. It felt good overall to be out there, being in flow, listening to the plays, and all that stuff."

This will be the second tour with the Lions for Jones Jr. He spent four seasons with the Bengals, then five with the Lions after signing as a free agent.

Jones Jr. was a productive, popular player with the Lions. In 69 games he had 289 catches for 4,296 yards and 36 TDs. He averaged 14.9 yards per catch.

The Lions were at an extreme low point when Jones Jr. departed for the Jaguars.

The mood and expectations are considerably higher under GM Brad Holmes and head coach Dan Campbell. In two short years the Lions have become a young, talented team with expectations of winning the NFC North title.

"Obviously it's a new look from a while ago," Jones Jr. said. "And it's a great look.

"It definitely a different vibe. Everybody is together. The camaraderie is there, from the coaches on down. It's good to be a part of it. It's fun to be in meetings.

"Football is always fun but it's more fun when everybody's together."

View photos from Day 8 of Detroit Lions training camp on Monday July 31, 2023.

Jones Jr. has used his veteran experience to play a mentor role with younger members of the team. It's a role that fits him well, and one that he began at a young age.

Jones Jr. has played that role with wide receiver Jameson Williams, who's had some misadventures in his first year with the Lions.

"It's always important for me," Jones Jr. said of that role. "Ever since I got in to the league, even being young, I've always wanted to help. You want to help bridge that gap, especially with somebody with the potential he has.

"It's been great just to be in the room with him teaching him or showing him or telling him whatever I know to get him going as fast as possible."

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