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KEY QUESTIONS: What does this week look like for Lions as they prepare for Divisional Round?

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell spoke to the media Monday less than 24 hours after his Detroit Lions delivered the City of Detroit its first playoff victory in 32 years with a 24-23 win over the Los Angeles Rams Sunday night. Now it's on to the Divisional Round of the playoffs for the Lions Sunday at 3 p.m. at Ford Field against Monday night's Eagles-Buccaneers winner.

Here are all the key questions to come out of Campbell's Monday press conference:

What is the process like Monday as they wait for an opponent?

Campbell said he and the coaching staff started to take a look at Philadelphia on Monday, not because they think the Eagles are going to win tonight in Tampa Bay but because Detroit played the Buccaneers Week 6 this year so there's some familiarity there. Detroit didn't see Philadelphia in the regular season.

The coaches will be watching the game tonight and Campbell said there is a benefit to watching the TV copy and some of the nuggets they might get from that, along with the cut-ups and everything else that will start to flow their way once they know who the opponent will be.

Any injuries of concern coming out of the Rams game?

Veteran linebacker Alex Anzalone injured his shoulder in the game but did return. Campbell said Anzalone will be alright. He came in Monday and got treatment. Campbell said Anzalone walked out of Allen Park feeling better than he did when he walked in.

"Alex is tough," Campbell said. "He's been through this. It means a lot and that's really what we're built off here. Ultimately it comes down to what the player believes he can do. If they believe they can still produce not being 100 percent that's the difference. We have a ton of guys that are that way."

What will the interview process be like this week for Ben Johnson and Aaron Glenn?

Johnson and Glenn have nine head coach interviews between them they can start taking this week virtually. Campbell said both Johnson and Glenn are scheduling those interviews now and will be allowed to take them Friday afternoon after practice and during a short window Saturday after practice and before meetings.

Glenn has been requested to interview for head coaching vacancies in Washington, Los Angeles, Tennessee and Atlanta. Johnson has been requested by Washington, Carolina, Los Angeles, Tennessee and Atlanta.

"Those are worthy candidates," Campbell said of his coordinators. "Both of them should be at the top of everybody's list. We are in one of these unique years where there are a ton of jobs and so that's also why they all want to speak to them, and they should."

Campbell admitted it puts added stress on Glenn and Johnson as they prepare for the Division Round and a life-altering job interview. Campbell is confident they'll have the offense and defense prepared to win this weekend first and foremost.

How do the Lions better contain the big-play receiver moving forward?

Justin Jefferson, CeeDee Lamb and now Puka Nacua have all had big receiving games against the Lions over the last month. All of them caught over 140 yards and a touchdown.

Whoever the Lions play next week – Tampa Bay or Philadelphia – there's some premier receiving talent on both teams the Lions will have to contend with.

Campbell said all of the explosive plays they gave up to Nacua and the Rams Sunday are correctable. He also gave LA credit for hitting them on some looks. It should be pointed out that Detroit is 3-1 over their last four games giving up those receiving performances, so as long as they play complementary football in all three phases, they can overcome them.

Did the reality of Ford Field Sunday night match the expectation going in?

"I think it was on par with what I expected," Campbell said. "It was probably the best I've ever been a part of. So much of it was the fact that the thing started an hour before the game. It was just four hours of nonstop barrage of the fans just going off. The chants for (Jared) Goff.

"What a special, special environment. For anybody that was there they'll never forget that. For the rest of your life it'll be something you talk about. That was special."

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