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TWENTYMAN: 10 takeaways from Hard Knocks Episode 3

The third episode of HARD KNOCKS: TRAINING CAMP WITH THE DETROIT LIONS aired Tuesday evening. The episode covered Detroit's week in Indianapolis for joint practices and their second preseason game, a 27-26 victory over the Colts.

Here are my 10 biggest takeaways from the third episode:

1. The episode began with head coach Dan Campbell speaking in a team meeting about the first preseason loss vs. Atlanta, and how in his opinion they gave the game away. He said they have to get the last bit of losing football out of them if they want to get to where they want to go.

2. Undrafted rookie tackle Obinna Eze hasn't been playing football very long. He didn't pick it up until his junior year in high school. He came over to America from Nigeria seven years ago as an AAU basketball player. He's got a lot of potential as a football player, but still has a lot to learn.

3. Rookie wide receiver Kalil Pimpleton got his time in front of the team for his rookie showcase. He did a juggling act, including trick throws through his legs and around his back that got some cheers from his peers. The juggled touchdown he didn't come up with in the game might hurt his chances of making the initial 53-man roster, however.

4. Campbell and assistant head coach and running backs coach Duce Staley had a meeting right before the team left for Indianapolis. Campbell said he feels pretty good about the team at this point in camp, and thinks they are in a good place.

5. There was a great moment between defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn and No. 2 overall pick Aidan Hutchinson where Glenn tells Hutchinson he's been living up to everything Glenn thought he was when the Lions selected Hutchinson. That's high praise from Glenn. "It's good to know it's real, brother," Glenn said to Hutchinson.

6. Staley was not happy with the performance of his running backs on the first day of joint practices with the Colts. He lost his voice in Indy, but still managed to let his group have it.

7. This episode highlights the relationship between running back Craig Reynolds and his older brother Eric, who has been incarcerated since Craig was in sixth grade. Eric has never seen his younger brother play in a football game.

8. Comedian Josh Adams performed for and roasted the team in Indy. He had some good lines on Campbell and Hutchinson in particular.

9. I liked how intense Campbell and the coaching staff were at the end of the preseason game in Indy. They were begging for someone to make a play. Campbell even suggested if someone got a turnover, he'd let them fly the plane home.

10. After the Lions' win over the Colts, their first after eight straight preseason losses, Campbell talked about the importance of winning and establishing a winning culture. He wants that to be in everything they do.

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