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10 takeaways from Glenn, Lynn & Fipp

Defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn, offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn and special teams coordinator Dave Fipp spoke to the media Thursday as they do every week. Here are the 10 biggest takeaways to come out of those media sessions:

1. Glenn opened up his session speaking about linebacker Jamie Collins Sr. and why the Lions are looking to trade the veteran. Glenn said it was just time to give some of the younger players an opportunity to play, specifically fourth-round pick Derrick Barnes, who showed some playmaking prowess in the preseason, but has played only five snaps on defense through the first two games. He also mentioned veteran Jalen Reeves-Maybin getting an opportunity to play more on defense moving forward.

2. Both Lynn and running backs coach Duce Staley have talked in the past about how important it is for Detroit's running backs to be good pass blockers if they're going to see the field. Lynn said that is especially important this week playing Baltimore and their aggressive blitzing scheme.

3. How might Fipp replace Barnes and Reeves-Maybin if they take on bigger roles on defense in place of Collins? Fipp said they have options. He mentioned newly signed linebacker Josh Woods as a possibility. He also mentioned practice squad linebacker Tavante Beckett. Practice squad tight ends Brock Wright and Shane Zylstra are similar body types and options as well, according to Fipp. Whatever way they go, Fipp said they'll be ready on special teams.

4. Every week we talk to Glenn, he likes to highlight something good from the previous week's performance on defense. This week he talked about the run defense being much better in Green Bay, which it was. The Packers averaged 3.1 yards per carry Monday night. Glenn will take that every week.

5. The Ravens lead the NFL with a blitz percentage of 44.1 percent, per Pro Football Reference stats, but Lynn was quick to point out that when teams blitz as much as Ravens do they also leave themselves susceptible to big plays being made behind the blitz. He said when those opportunities arrive Sunday, they have to take advantage.

6. Fipp said they have to be better fielding kicks. Backup running back and kick returner Godwin Igwebuike let the ball hit the ground on a kickoff return for the second straight week.

"At the end of the day we have to do better than that and he knows that," Fipp said. "It's not what we're trying to do."

7. What are the two traits Glenn said will likely stand out when Barnes gets more opportunity to play? He mentioned Barnes' speed and explosiveness as traits the team could no longer ignore.

8. Fipp inherited a pretty good player in punter Jack Fox, who currently ranks fourth in the NFL in gross punting average (51.8) and is tied for second in net punting average (47.8). But Fipp said as good as Fox is, there's still a lot of room for improvement in his game, which should excite Lions fans.

9. One area where Lynn would like to see his offense take the biggest leap moving forward is on third down. He said they have to convert more on third down and possess the ball longer to help rest the defense. Detroit currently ranks 25th in third-down conversion percentage at 33.3 percent (8-of-24).

10. Maybe it's just the football nerd in me, but I thought it was really interesting to hear Glenn talk about the difference between single high and split safety defense, and why he prefers the split safety. Expect the Lions to play both at times this week against a really good Baltimore defense.

In single high, the Lions will be able to fit all the different run gaps the Ravens try to create in their run game. In split safety looks, there's one gap not accounted for, but it allows both safeties to play a little more free in filling that gap.

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