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TWENTYMAN: Goff showing composure in high-pressure situations

When the pressure is ramped up in late moments and the game is on the line, quarterback Jared Goff has a calm confidence about the situation.

Take Sunday's come-from-behind win for example. Down double digits with under five minutes remaining and Goff ran the two-minute offense to perfection, leading the Lions on two touchdown drives. He ran the two-minute on three possessions Sunday, once at the end of the first half and twice at the end of the game – all three touchdown drives for the Lions – and completed 17-of-21 passes for 188 yards and two touchdowns in a Detroit Lions win.

The week prior in a win on the road vs. the Chargers, Goff led a nine-play, 53-yard drive completing a critical 4th and 2 to tight end Sam LaPorta to run out the clock and win the game with a walk-off field goal.

Goff seems to feel at home in those situations. If you look at his football career it's really no surprise. He's played a lot in the no huddle. He did it at Marin Catholic High School, at the University of California, and he ran a lot of no-huddle with the Rams.

"My first year with Sean (McVay) he knew that was the comfort for me and we did a lot of that no huddle," Goff told Monday. "It can regulate a defense because they have to get a call in, they can't sub, they can't get their perfect call in."

What makes a good two-minute quarterback, in Goff's opinion?

"[Someone] that can find completions," he said. "If you watch a lot of successful two-minute drives there's probably a chunk (play) in there and there's probably a lot of checkdowns. Short, quick out of bounds completions. Then all of the sudden you look up and you're on the 30-yard line and they are like, 'Huh?'

"It's just boom, boom, boom and it's getting the first first down. Get the first down and get completions. And typically, it depends on how much time is left, but typically there's a chunk in there somewhere, run or pass, that you need."

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Goff's been so good in those situations the last two weeks but really all season in the high-pressure moments whether it's putting the dagger in a victory or coming from behind like he did Sunday vs. Chicago.

"Well, I think just understanding the menu, the plays," Lions head coach Dan Campbell said Monday when asked why Goff has been so good in tough situations. "These are things that, for the most part, we've had these for two years now.

"I think it's having a guy that understands those plays, understands what they're doing in the coverage, where's your guy at? Where's your best matchup? And doing that all by just keeping your composure and that's what he did. I mean, he didn't get frazzled by it. I thought he sat in the pocket, and he made good decisions with the football, and he was comfortable, he was comfortable."

That's a good way of describing it. In uncomfortable situations Goff has looked his most comfortable. It's a big reason why the Lions are 8-2 to start the year.

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