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Bates partners with Pure Heart Foundation to create an exclusive bowling experience for children of incarcerated parents

Detroit, MI - At the height of mass incarceration arising across the country. 228,000 children in Michigan currently suffers from the devastation of having a parent incarcerated. Although it is just one day, Detroit Lions Linebacker, Trevor Bates, Punch Bowl Social and Pure Heart Foundation, a youth organization that serves children of incarcerated parents, has partnered to create an exclusive outing for children of prisoners. On Saturday, January 19, 2019 at 10:30 A.M. Pure Heart youth participants will arrive at Punch Bowl for a day of exclusive bowling fun. 

Executive Director, Sherelle Hogan, founded Pure Heart Foundation in 2015, after noticing the lack of support for children of incarcerated parents. Ms. Hogan understands firsthand the affects a child of an incarcerated parent faces. Sherelle grew up with both parents behind bars. Since their existence, Pure Heart has served children throughout the state of Michigan and has helped children navigate through the stigma and barriers that comes with having a parent incarcerated.

Detroit Lions Linebacker Trevor Bates who's from Maine, recently signed to the Detroit Lions and immediately took action into empowering at risk youth in the inner city. Bates father is currently incarcerated and has been since he was just a child. He understands the feeling of missing a parent due to incarceration and how it can affect youth socially. Bates teamed up with Pure Heart Foundation and Punch Bowl Social to create an exclusive experience a child of incarcerated parent will never forget. 

This event will take place January 19, 2019 from 10:30 A.M. to 1:30 P.M. The event location will be Punch Bowl Social which is located 1331 Broadway St. Detroit, MI 48226. Youth participants will experience a day of bowling, games, food, fun and gifts from Trevor Bates.

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