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10 takeaways from Glenn, Lynn & Fipp

Defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn, offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn and special teams coordinator Dave Fipp spoke to the media Thursday as they do every week. Here are my 10 biggest takeaways from those media sessions:

1. Glenn and the Lions' defense made headlines last week after burying the game tape from Detroit's 44-6 loss to Philadelphia Week 8, a loss in which they allowed 236 rushing yards. Glenn said he looked at it as a way to move on from the first half of the season.

"All the mistakes, all the arguments, all the issues, they're gone, they are done," he said.

Glenn said he knows his defensive players liked the message because after they buried the tape, every defensive player stomped on it. Glenn said video assistant Shelby Hawk went last, and she jumped on it twice.

2. Lynn said new Lions wide receiver Josh Reynolds worked with quarterback Jared Goff Thursday morning and will be at practice Thursday afternoon. Asked if he could pick up enough of the playbook to make his debut Sunday in Pittsburgh, Lynn said it will just depend on how much Reynolds can pick up Thursday and Friday.

3. It was a tough day for Fipp a couple Sundays ago having to watch his special teams units from afar after testing positive for COVID-19. It was the first game Fipp has missed in 24 years of coaching. Fipp said the experience was horrible. He said once the plan was in place he had to just watch how it played out like any fan watching from home.

4. One of the things that stood out the most for Glenn when taking a deep dive into the first eight games was the red zone defense. Opponents are 20-of-24 scoring touchdowns in the red zone against the Lions, which is the highest percentage in the league, and 14 of those have come inside the 5-yard line.

Glenn thinks he and his staff did a good job over the bye week identifying what some of their issues have been in the red zone, and he thinks his players have gotten the message on what they need to do to have better success there moving forward.

5. Taylor Decker returned to practice this week, and Lynn said it's been great having him back. Lynn considers Decker one of the best left tackles in football, and said his return could allow the Lions more time to make plays down the field in the passing game, as well as improve the run blocking with both Decker and Penei Sewell on the field together. Lynn did say it was probably a little aggressive to ask Decker to play an entire four quarters with him not having played any football yet this year.

6. Fipp was really complimentary of linebacker Josh Woods, who has played a big role on Detroit's special teams filling in for Jalen Reeves-Maybin (bigger role on defense). Fipp said Woods has an uncanny ability to see the field and the big picture.

7. Pittsburgh running back Najee Harris, who the Lions will face Sunday, has five straight games of 75 scrimmage yards and a touchdown. Glenn said he's a big back who is really hard to stop when he gets his shoulders squared. He said it's important to get Harris going east and west and not north and south as much as they can.

Glenn also mentioned rookie tight end Pat Freiermuth as a player they have to be really conscious of. Freiermuth has three touchdowns in the Steelers' last two contests. Glenn said they have to force someone other than Harris and Freiermuth to beat them.

8. Lynn said head coach Dan Campbell has definitely been more involved in the offensive meetings and game planning this week. Lynn said it's not like Campbell hasn't been involved in past weeks, but there's been more of a presence this week. Lynn said it's been very beneficial.

"He knows X's and O's," Lynn said of Campbell. "He's been in New Orleans with a very successful offense there under Sean Payton. He brings a lot the table."

Lynn said this was Campbell's football team, and it's his job to run Campbell's offense and Campbell's vision for his football team.

9. Kicker Austin Seibert popped up on the injury report Wednesday with a right hip injury. He was listed as a limited participant in practice. Fipp said Seibert was still able to kick Wednesday and it was really going to depend on how he felt Thursday as to his availability Sunday in Pittsburgh. Fipp didn't seem too worried about it, however. The Lions do have kicker Ryan Santoso on the practice squad if needed.

10. Second-year safety Jalen Elliott has gotten an opportunity to play more and was recently elevated to the active roster from the practice squad. Glenn said Elliott's impressed him dating back to OTAs and training camp, and he said it's important as a coach to know when it's time for a young player to play, especially when that player is making plays on the practice field and earning it.

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