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Rookie Sorsdal reflects back on 'unbelievable' first preseason game

Colby Sorsdal's personal warmup for his first NFL preseason game was more of a mental exercise than anything he would do on Ford Field's playing field.

Sorsdal didn't run sprints or practice any of the blocking schemes he would use for the Detroit Lions' game last week against the New York Giants.

Sorsdal sat alone in the stadium to soak up the atmosphere to get ready to do battle in the trenches playing guard on the Lions' offensive line.

"Unbelievable," he said, recalling what that experience felt like. "I remember going out there like three and a half hours before, sitting down in the stadium, just kind of soaking it all in.

"Man, this is the big leagues. This is crazy."

From the quiet of an empty stadium to the crowd that roared to support the Lions in a 21-16 win over the Giants, it was a big leap from what Sorsdal experienced at William & Mary.

"That atmosphere – especially for a preseason game," Sorsdal said. "Unbelievable. It was really cool, putting on a show for those Detroit fans. It was awesome."

Sorsdal played 37 offensive snaps and learned quickly how different the pro game is than anything he has experienced.

"It was fast," he said. "You got settled in quick and I thought I handled myself well."

Sorsdal played right tackle in college but has been shifted to left guard by the Lions, which was their intent when they drafted him in the fifth round.

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He's had to make physical and mental adjustments in the switch.

"I'd say a good 50-50 split," Sorsdal said. "I tend to think too much out there, anyways.

"It's cool being over there. It's definitely different than the right side. There's definitely some growing pains.

"Everything is kind of flipped both play and schematically wise but also technique wise. It's using your left side of the brain rather than your right, in my case."

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