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KEY QUESTIONS: Would Campbell change Lions' approach to final offensive possession?

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell spoke to the media Monday a day after Detroit's crushing last-second loss to Baltimore on an NFL record 66-yard field goal by Ravens kicker Justin Tucker. Here are the key questions to come out of that media session:

Would Campbell change anything about his conservative approach on final offensive possession?


Campbell said he approaches every game different in those situations, and in this game he loved how his defense was playing at that point in the contest. The Lions had a 1st and 10 at the Baltimore 14-yard line with two minutes remaining down 16-14 and Baltimore having two timeouts.

Campbell said he wanted to drain Baltimore's timeouts by running the football, kick the field goal and make Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson have to beat them with his arm.

"Look, he did that," Campbell said of Jackson. "The odds say he doesn't. We didn't make the play, they did. Kudos to him and they made the kick."

View photos from Detroit Lions vs. Baltimore Ravens Week 3 game at Ford Field on Sunday, Sept. 26 in Detroit, MI.

What were some of the issues Sunday with wide open Baltimore receivers down the field?

The Lions got a little lucky in that Baltimore dropped four deep passes that could have gone for big plays, a few of those touchdowns.

Campbell said there were major communication issues between the back end and the linebacker corps in many cases.

"Let's put it this way, lack of (communication)," Campbell said. "We have to get much more demonstrative and very clear and conscious and loud."

Campbell said that will be a major point of emphasis in practice this week. He even said he'll stop practice and get it fixed this week so they don't have the same issues in Chicago Sunday.

After the game Sunday, Jackson said the timeout Detroit called before their fourth-down play at the end was an opportunity for the Ravens to calm down a little bit and change the play. He said it was a real benefit to converting that down and going on and winning the game. Does Campbell regret taking the timeout?

There wasn't a yes or no associated with this response.

Campbell said he was hoping to get everyone on defense settled down and get everyone on the same page. He said everyone was on the same page on that 4th and 19 conversion, except one player. Campbell didn't name the player.

"It hurt us," he said.

With all the momentum on Detroit's side in that situation and the Ravens having to rush, it's probably better just to go with the flow of the game there and not give Baltimore a chance to regroup.

Will the Lions get some players who are eligible to return this week back?

Starting left tackle Taylor Decker is eligible to come off IR this week, but Campbell doesn't expect him back for Sunday. Campbell didn't totally rule him out just yet, but said there was a very slim chance Decker plays Sunday in Chicago.

Defensive end Da'Shawn Hand is another player eligible to return. He was placed on IR with a groin injury to begin the year. Like Decker, Campbell doesn't expect Hand back this week.

One player Campbell does expect back on the practice field this week is defensive end Jashon Cornell, who is eligible to come off the league's suspension list this week. Campbell still isn't sure if Cornell will travel and play Sunday.

What did Campbell think of how the edge players on defense played Sunday?

The Lions didn't have Trey Flowers due to injury, but he thought Romeo Okwara, Charles Harris, Austin Bryant and Julian Okwara played their best game of the season collectively as a unit.

Romeo Okwara was relentless, according to Campbell. He had four tackles, a sack and a tackle for loss.

Campbell said Julian Okwara gave them some pass rush they've been dying to get from him. Both Harris and Bryant also recorded sacks.

It was a really nice game from that group with three sacks, 14 hurries and three quarterback hits.

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