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KEY QUESTIONS: What was Bevell's message to the team after taking over as interim head coach?

It was a busy weekend in Allen Park as Detroit Lions principal owner and chairman Sheila Ford Hamp relieved general manager Bob Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia of their duties on Saturday.

"Obviously, this season has not gone the way we expected," Hamp said in a Zoom call Saturday. "We want to take the rest of this year to assess every aspect of our football operation and find the best individuals to lead and coach our team."

Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell was named the interim head coach. He spoke to the media for the first time Monday in that role. The quick analysis is that Bevell is excited about the opportunity to show what he can do in the role the last five weeks.

Here are the key questions from that media session Monday:

What was Bevell's message to the team?

Bevell spoke to the team on Saturday and then again Monday.

"It's been rough, it's been challenging, but I told them the game doesn't care," Bevell said. "It's for us right now to pick up where we are and we have five opportunities left. I'm super excited to lead them in those five opportunities and I expect them to bring their energy and to bring a new refreshed attitude when they walk into the building on Wednesday.

"They are going to get a new perspective and ready to go kind of with their hair on fire and take it one game at a time."

Will Bevell continue to call the plays on offense?

Yes. He said he and defensive coordinator Cory Undlin have a terrific working relationship, and Undlin will call the plays on defense and Bevell will continue to call the plays on offense and keep that continuity.

Should we expect to see something different in the look and feel of the offense moving forward?

Is there more to Bevell's playbook or philosophy he hasn't been able to show up to this point playing under Patricia's broader offensive philosophy as head coach?

"Good question," Bevell said. "I think we'll have to wait and find out."

What does Bevell want his fingerprint to be on this team?

The thing he said a number of times is that he really has to be himself. Bevell's had a lot of stops around the league and has seen a lot of different head coaches. There are great things from each and every one of them he's learned.

"I'm just going to be myself. I'm asking the guys to come in with a refreshed attitude ready to work, number one, but ready to have a good time," Bevell said. "Just kind of let them play with their hair on fire, let them play fast, let them play free and then we'll worry about the end result at the end."

Bevell said it's OK to have a great time and work hard at the same time, and that's what he wants the players to do the rest of the season.

How does Bevell expect the team to respond to his coaching style the last five weeks?

It's tough to see or feel emotions over two Zoom calls, but he said he wants the players to feel his juice and his energy. He also wants them to come in and start having more fun.

"I actually cannot wait to get into the building on Wednesday and then I'm standing in front of the room where there's a better vibe and better feel," he said. "I think they're excited. I'm excited."

What does Bevell hope to accomplish in this role the last five weeks?

He made it clear he wants to be a head coach in this league, and he's approaching these last five games as a five-week interview and audition for the permanent job. Bevell said management told him he'd be given an opportunity to be evaluated and considered for the job.

"I'm taking it as an audition," he said. "I did tell (the team) today that everyone is watching. I'm going to be at my best and I hope what that is is bringing out the best in them, that you'll see a difference in them, you'll see a difference in their play, you'll see a difference in really everything and that'll be enough for us."

What does Bevell want to see different on offense?

It really starts with better consistency. He said they've been way too inconsistent all season. He said he also wants to try and find more explosive plays that they haven't been as consistent in finding up to this point.

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