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Divisional Round opponent: What the Buccaneers are saying

What are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers talking about ahead of this week's Divisional Round playoff matchup against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field? Let's find out:

1. Bucs head coach Todd Bowles was asked what stood out to him about the 20-6 loss to Detroit Week 6 in Tampa Bay.

"We were what we were at that time of the year," he said of that loss to Detroit and then losing the following three weeks after.

But he said he wouldn't change anything about that tough stretch of football in October because they learned a lot about themselves from it and it molded them into the team they are right now, which is a club coming off a 32-9 win over Philadelphia in the Wild Card Round. Tampa Bay is a very different team now than it was back then, according to Bowles. They are tougher mentally and stronger for going through that adversity.

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2. Quarterback Baker Mayfield said when he thinks back to the Week 6 loss the first thing that comes to mind is a number of "missed throws by me."

He thought there were opportunities for big plays in the passing game, which there were, and he said both he and the offense didn't play their best game that afternoon.

"We'll look back at the tape once we get into the game plan stuff," he said. "We are very different than we were early in the year and that's something to be proud of. We've continued to improve."

3. The Lions are early six-point favorites at home Sunday. Whether it's playing the underdog or being on the road, Mayfield said they like when it's just them against everyone else and their backs are against the wall.

"It's fun to be in that role," he said. "Obviously, I'm pretty comfortable in it. Our team has completely embraced that throughout the year."

4. Bowles was also asked about their underdog status most of the season and how much that's become the fabric of who their football team is.

He said he knew in the summer outside expectations would be lower for his football team. They are used to being overlooked and he said his team just laughs now when they see it. It's something the team has really embraced and they don't expect any compliments. It's a group that doesn't expect to be given anything, according to Bowles, and a group that goes out and earns everything on their own merit.

5. Bowles said he has a ton of respect for Detroit and head coach Dan Campbell, describing the Lions as a fast and physical football team.

"Outstanding offensive line, they have two very good running backs, they got speed at receiver and shiftiness at receiver and have two great tight ends," he said of Detroit's offense.

6. Mayfield threw for 337 yards and three touchdowns with no turnovers in the win over the Eagles Monday night. Bowles said the team has really rallied around Mayfield's toughness and the way he prepares.

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