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TIM AND MIKE: Training camp Day 6 observations

One-play period: Twice on Wednesday the horn that shuffles players between drills went extra long, which signifies that head coach Matt Patricia wants to see a special one-play goal-line offense vs. defense drill with the ball on the 1-yard line. Push-ups on the line for the loser. Twice the Lions did this during Wednesday's practice. The offense won the first time and the defense the second after linebacker Jarrad Davis broke up a pass intended for tight end T.J. Hockenson in the back of the end zone. – Tim Twentyman

Walker double: Being around the ball made it a good day for second-year safety Tracy Walker. He had an interception and long return for a touchdown, then later batted away a pass meant for tight end Logan Thomas. Walker had good position, which allowed him to make the play. –Mike O'Hara

Hill day: The Lions built two hills with varying slopes north of the east practice field at their Allen Park training facility. Until Wednesday, they'd been used by players rehabbing during practice. At the end of Wednesday's practice, however, the whole team went over and spent a period running the hills. Walker said after practice that the hills are a great conditioning method, but he also said he didn't want to look at them for the rest of the day. – Tim Twentyman

Handy Andy: Wide receiver Andy Jones continues to make plays. He made a lunging sideline catch under tight coverage. There's a battle for roster sports at wide receiver, and Jones obviously is in contention. His strong play on special teams is a bonus. – Mike O'Hara

Good from 60: Matt Prater and the specialists spend a lot of practice on their own working on kicking, punting and snapping. Prater especially likes to work on the south end of the east field, where the Lions have installed skinny goal posts that are about half as wide as regular goal posts. I watched Prater set the ball at the 50-yard line and boot one right through the middle of those goal posts with plenty of room to spare. Prater seems to be in midseason form. – Tim Twentyman

Snap judgment: Long snapper Don Muhlbach is in a class by himself, and that holds true as he prepares for his 16th season. He made his second Pro Bowl last year at the age of 37. Fullback Nick Bawden took several snaps in a drill Wednesday, with Muhlbach lined up to Bawden's left to simulate a blocker. Muhlbach's job is not in jeopardy, but the drill showed the difference between Muhlbach and everybody else. That's no knock on Bawden. Muhlbach has a rare skill.. – Mike O'Hara

Third and long: The Lions worked a number of 3rd and long situations during practice. Patricia said before practice there were some coaching points and philosophies they wanted to work on. The Lions ranked 17th in the NFL last season on third down plays from 2-6 yards, converting 48.1 percent of time. They were 27th from 7-10 yards (27.3 percent) and 14th from 11-plus yards (14.6). – Tim Twentyman

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