Players granted eligibility for 2020 NFL Draft

The NFL season is in the books, and the focus now for all 32 teams is the offseason.

Next up for the league is the NFL Scouting Combine later this month, followed by free agency in March and the 2020 NFL Draft in April. The NFL granted special eligibility for 99 players, as well as 16 payers who fulfilled their degree requirements with college eligibility remaining for the draft. This year's NFL Draft will be held April 23-25 in Las Vegas.

The following 16 players have in timely fashion under NFL rules officially notified the league office that they have fulfilled their degree requirements. Consequently, they are eligible for selection:

1. Benjamin, Eno (RB) Arizona State

2. Betiku, Oluwole (DE) Illinois

3. Cushenberry, Lloyd (C) Louisiana State

4. Davis, Quartney (WR) Texas A&M

5. Gilman, Alohi (DB) Notre Dame

6. Hennessy, Matt (C) Temple

7. Holmes, Darnay (DB) UCLA

8. Ismael, Keith (C) San Diego State

9. Johnson, Jaylon (DB) Utah

10. Jones, Tony (RB) Notre Dame

11. Lewis, Terrell (LB) Alabama

12. Love, Jordan (QB) Utah State

13. Lumor, Elorm (DE) Rutgers

14. Miller, Houston (DE) Texas Tech

15. Murray, Kenneth (LB) Oklahoma

16. Simmons, Isaiah (LB) Clemson

Each of the 99 players listed below have met the league's three-year eligibility rule and have renounced their college football eligibility by submitting written notification to the league office on or before the January 17 deadline. Consequently, they are eligible for selection.

The players granted special eligibility for the 2020 NFL Draft:

1. Ahmed, Salvon (RB) Washington

2. Akers, Cam (RB) Florida State

3. Arnold, Grayland (DB) Baylor

4. Asiasi, Devin (TE) UCLA

5. Bandy, Trajan (DB) Miami (Fla.)

6. Becton, Mekhi (T) Louisville

7. Biadasz, Tyler (C) Wisconsin

8. Blacklock, Ross (DT) Texas Christian

9. Bowden, Lynn (WR) Kentucky

10. Brown, Marcus (DE) Missouri Western

11. Bryant, Hunter (TE) Washington

12. Cephus, Quintez (WR) Wisconsin

13. Chaisson, K'Lavon (LB) Louisiana State

14. Charles, Saahdiq (T) Louisiana State

15. Cleveland, Ezra (T) Boise State

16. Coe, Nick (DE) Auburn

17. Colon-Castillo, Trystan (C) Missouri

18. Coulter, Isaiah (WR) Rhode Island

19. Curl, Kamren (DB) Arkansas

20. Dallas, DeeJay (RB) Miami (Fla.)

21. Dantzler, Cameron (DB) Mississippi State

22. Davis, Gabriel (WR) Central Florida

23. Davis, Kyle (WR) Florida Atlantic

24. Delpit, Grant (DB) Louisiana State

25. Dillon, AJ (RB) Boston College

26. Dobbins, J.K. (RB) Ohio State

27. Eason, Jacob (QB) Washington

28. Edwards-Helaire, Clyde (RB) Louisiana State

29. Elliott, Jordan (DT) Missouri

30. Epenesa, A.J. (DE) Iowa

31. Evans, Darrynton (RB) Appalachian State

32. Fromm, Jake (QB) Georgia

33. Garvin, Jonathan (DE) Miami (Fla.)

34. Gay, Willie (LB) Mississippi State

35. Gross-Matos, Yetur (DE) Penn State

36. Guerriero, Pete (RB) Monmouth, N.J.

37. Guidry, Javelin (DB) Utah

38. Hamler, K.J. (WR) Penn State

39. Hand, Harrison (DB) Temple

40. Henderson, C.J. (DB) Florida

41. Higgins, Tee (WR) Clemson

42. Hodgins, Isaiah (WR) Oregon State

43. Igbinoghene, Noah (DB) Auburn

44. Jackson, Austin (T) Southern California

45. Jackson, Trishton (WR) Syracuse

46. Jefferson, Justin (WR) Louisiana State

47. Jeudy, Jerry (WR) Alabama

48. Keene, Dalton (TE) Virginia Tech

49. Kindley, Solomon (G) Georgia

50. Kmet, Cole (TE) Notre Dame

51. Lamb, CeeDee (WR) Oklahoma

52. Leake, Javon (RB) Maryland

53. Lynch, James (DT) Baylor

54. Madubuike, Justin (DT) Texas A&M

55. McDonald, Cole (QB) Hawaii

56. McFarland, Anthony (RB) Maryland

57. McKinney, Xavier (DB) Alabama

58. Moss, Thaddeus (TE) Louisiana State

59. Muti, Netane (T) Fresno State

60. Newman, Tomas (DB) Virginia-Lynchburg

61. Okudah, Jeff (DB) Ohio State

62. Okwuegbunam, Albert (TE) Missouri

63. Parkinson, Colby (TE) Stanford

64. Peoples-Jones, Donovan (WR) Michigan

65. Phillips, Jacob (LB) Louisiana State

66. Pierre, James (DB) Florida Atlantic

67. Queen, Patrick (LB) Louisiana State

68. Reagor, Jalen (WR) Texas Christian

69. Renfro, Debione (DB) Texas A&M

70. Robertson, Amik (DB) Louisiana Tech

71. Robinson, Kenny (DB) West Virginia

72. Rogers, Kendrick (WR) Texas A&M

73. Ruggs, Henry (WR) Alabama

74. Ruiz, Cesar (C) Michigan

75. Salomon, Darnell (WR) South Florida

76. Samuels, Stanford (DB) Florida State

77. Scott, Josiah (DB) Michigan State

78. Shenault, Laviska (WR) Colorado

79. Siposs, Arryn (P) Auburn

80. Stone, Geno (DB) Iowa

81. Swift, D'Andre (RB) Georgia

82. Tagovailoa, Tua (QB) Alabama

83. Taylor, Jonathan (RB) Wisconsin

84. Taylor, Tabyus (RB) Virginia Union

85. Terrell, A.J. (DB) Clemson

86. Thomas, Andrew (T) Georgia

87. Thomas, Jeff (WR) Miami (Fla.)

88. Turk, Michael (P) Arizona State

89. Warren, Michael (RB) Cincinnati

90. Watkins, Quez (WR) Southern Mississippi

91. Weaver, Curtis (DE) Boise State

92. White, Cody (WR) Michigan State

93. Wills, Jedrick (T) Alabama

94. Wilson, Isaiah (T) Georgia

95. Winfield, Antoine (DB) Minnesota

96. Wirfs, Tristan (T) Iowa

97. Woodward, David (LB) Utah State

98. Young, Chase (DE) Ohio State

99. Young, Toren (RB) Iowa

The following players inquired about their draft status and are eligible for selection without the need for special eligibility:

1. McClease, Deshawn (RB) Virginia Tech

2. Strickland, Carlos (WR) Texas-San Antonio

3. Taylor, J.J. (RB) Arizona

4. Williams, Ty'Son (RB) Brigham Young

5. Uche, Josh (LB) Michigan

The number of players granted special eligibility for the NFL Draft the past 10 years:

2011: 5​6

2012: 65

2013: 73

2014: 98

2015: 74

2016: 96

2017: 95

2018: 106

2019: 103

2020: 99

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