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KEY QUESTIONS: Will Stafford play in season finale vs. Vikings?

Lions interim head coach Darrell Bevell said he felt helpless watching the Lions' 47-7 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday. Bevell had to watch the game at home and not coaching on the sidelines because of NFL COVID-19 protocols.

Bevell admitted there wasn't a lot of good watching from afar from any unit outside of Jamal Agnew's 74-yard punt return touchdown on special teams, the only score of the day for the Lions.

The Lions are eliminated from playoff contention and so is Sunday's opponent, the Minnesota Vikings, but Bevell said it's still a meaningful game.

"This is what we do," Bevell said. "This is what we love. This is why we're in this business is to play the game of football and play the game we love. We signed up for 16 games. They are giving us a 16th game and another opportunity regardless of scenario situations.

"This is what we do, so we want to go play, we want to put our best foot forward and play the way we're capable of playing and look for a win and go out the way we would like to go out."

Are all the coaches out of isolation this week?

Monday is a restricted access day in Allen Park, which means not all coaches are usually in anyway. Some have been in and out of the building, per Bevell.

On Tuesday, when all coaches are allowed back in the building, Bevell said they will still not have everyone, but will have the majority of the coaches. Bevell and defensive coordinator Cory Undlin is among those coaches who will be back Tuesday.

What is the status of quarterback Matthew Stafford for Sunday's game against the Vikings?

Stafford injured his right ankle on the first possession against Tampa Bay and did not return to the game. He had difficulty putting weight on the ankle, which is why he could not return.

Bevell said they'll evaluate Stafford's status when he gets back into the building on Wednesday and will go from there.

What will go into determining if he can play Sunday or not?

Bevell said the decision will be a health-based decision. They will not put him out there if he can't protect himself or if there's a chance of significantly injuring himself further from the injuries he already has.

"The guy is tough as nails," Bevell said. "The guy respects the game, he loves his teammates, he wants to be out there and obviously he gives us the best opportunity to win the game when he is out there, and I know he wants it."

Stafford also spoke to the media Monday and said he wants to play Sunday if the ankle responds to treatment this week and allows him to do so.

"Part of the offseason is letting your body heal and getting it feeling better," Stafford said. "But I signed up to play this year and part of signing up is hopefully getting 16 games at that. Hopefully more than that, we obviously are only getting 16 this year.

"But I signed up for it and so did my teammates, so if I'm healthy enough to get out there and do it I want to be out there."

Why did the Lions release veteran safety Jayron Kearse Monday?

"We're at the end of the season here and there's some younger guys on the roster that we want to be able to take a look at," Bevell said.

The Lions will have a lot of roster decisions to make this offseason, including at the safety spot. Detroit will have to decide on the futures of third-year safety Tracy Walker and second-year safety Will Harris, in particular.

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