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Wild Card opponent: What the Seahawks are saying

Every week during the regular season, the opposing head coach and one player speak to the Detroit media via conference call. This week it was Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and defensive tackle Michael Bennett.

So, what are the Seahawks talking about this week?

1. Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson never rushed for under 489 yards in any of his first four seasons in the league. At the midway point of this season, he had just 56 rushing yards. He was dealing with a high-ankle sprain and a knee sprain during that time, according to Carroll, and that's why he wasn't making the same plays with his legs. Since getting much healthier the second half of the season, Wilson has rushed for 205 yards and is making more plays with his legs.

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2. Speaking of making plays with his legs, Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has been doing a lot of that this season, both running and extending plays, and it's something Bennett and the Seahawks defense have taken notice of. He credited Stafford's improved mobility with why the Lions' offense is improved this season.

3. Carroll was pretty honest when asked what the loss of All-Pro safety Earl Thomas (broken leg) has meant to his defense. He said there's no replacing a great player, you just have to bring in the next guy and hope he can get the job done.

4. The Seahawks haven't lost a playoff game at home since 2002. Playing at home in the playoffs is a real advantage, according to Bennett, especially when it's at such a loud place like CenturyLink Field. He also said the routine of being at home and not having to travel all plays a role.

5. Golden Tate left Seattle for Detroit before the 2014 season, and it was pretty clear talking to Carroll that he wishes Seattle could have found a way to keep Tate, though he admitted Tuesday that Seattle's free-agent offer was never going to match Detroit's. Carroll enjoyed having Tate as a player, and still has fun watching him play.

6. Bennett was asked about Lions running back Zach Zenner and Detroit's improved run game recently with him as their lead back: "There's not many white running backs in the NFL, but he has to be the best right now. He's doing such a great job of cutbacks and hitting the hole. He's a really good back. I think he's just an amazing running back, the things he can do with the ball. He's got good balance. He can spin. He can catch it out the backfield. I think he fits the offense perfectly."

7. Bennett is afforded freedom to do some of his own things within Seattle's scheme, according to Carroll, because he has tremendous instincts and savvy, and offensive linemen have a hard time nailing him down. Bennett is 10th all-time on Seattle's career sack list with 30.5. "He's a big part of this thing," Carroll said of Bennett.

8. In all, players on Seattle's active roster have played in 205 playoff games, with 16 players playing in Super Bowl XLVIII and 20 playing in Super Bowl XLIX. Bennett says experience can make a big difference in the playoffs when the games are bigger and so are the nerves, especially from players who haven't been in those big games before.

9. Carroll did seem to marvel at how Stafford has been able to continue to play and play at a high level despite the finger injury on his right hand. He said it obviously has to be affecting Stafford some, but when he watches him on tape, he still sees Stafford "ripping it." Carroll talked about Stafford's competitiveness at the end of games and how they have to be ready for that aspect and play a complete 60-minute game.

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