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What they said: Lions at the 2017 NFL Combine


On what he'll bring to a team:

"I'm a very hardworking guy, very dedicated. Football is not all I have, but I treat it like it's all I have. I treat it like it's everything, and I feel like that separates me from a lot of guys. The way I approach the game and the way I approach my work, I feel like I separate myself from a lot of people with the way I think."

View photos of Lions players at previous NFL Scouting Combines. Photos: Associated Press.

On the pride in having so many Florida defenders at the Combine:

"Most definitely. Everywhere you look, it's a Gator. Everywhere you look, no matter where you go. That means a lot. That just shows what we did throughout the year. We worked hard and prepared all season long, and guys were able to separate themselves not only on the team but across the nation."

On how he's different from the other linebackers in the class:

"I don't know, man. We're all dedicated and locked in to what we do. We all work extremely hard and put in the hours to really, really become the best at our position.

"I feel like this year we have a great class, a great group of guys, to really push. We're not just competing against the guys that we're working with at our training facilities; we're competing with guys all across the nation. That's how it's been all four years of college and that's not gonna change."

On how tough Florida practices are:

"Man, every single day you've gotta step out there and bring your A-game because everybody's trying to one-up you. It's constant competition, which made us better as a team.

"We go out there on offense and drive down the field and score, then we come out on defense and it's three-and-out. That's built Monday through Friday with the mental preparation, the physical preparation, the time in the film room and meeting with coaches and extra time.

"You've gotta do that stuff every week. Guys that come from Florida are not gonna lose that when we take this next step to the NFL and fulfill our dreams."


On what seperates him from the other cornerbacks in the class:

"I just got a natural knack for the game of football. I feel like when you put on the tape and you're watching me play, you can understand why."

On the competition with his fellow defenders at Florida:

"Competition brings out the best in everybody. I'm pretty sure you want to be the best at what you do, but he wants to be the best at what he does. You know what I'm saying? Just having that competition in practice ... we have me, Quincy, Vern, Brian Poole, Keanu Neal and everybody, we're sitting in one room and we all want to be the best.

"Of course, you want to have more picks than Vern. I want to have more picks than Vern. I want to go higher in the draft than Vern, but I'm sure Quincy thinks the same thing. You know, that all just makes us that much better."

On the motivation behind his aggressive style of play:

"Just my passion for the game of football. I love the game of football, and I'm not gonna sit back and watch it happen. I'm gonna make it happen."

On the one game tape he wants every scout to see:

"One game tape I want scouts to see is Kentucky 2016."

On what he would bring to an NFL locker room:

"Oh, I offer a lot on and off the field. I'm a guy who's willing to come in and play special teams, hard working guy. I want to go in and listen to what the vets have to say. They have a lot of information.

"I'm just going in as a rookie, so I really don't know anything, so I want to come in and learn, on and off the field. There's so much stuff that I know I can learn from them."

On who he looks up to in the NFL:

"I mean, I look up to a lot of NFL guys. I wouldn't say that there's one that I admire most. Probably Joe Haden.

"Just because I see how hard he works. I mean, I've been watching him since high school. And just his journey, he's given me a lot of inspiration, coming from the same area, going to the same school in Florida. And he made it to the Pro Bowl, so why can't I?"

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