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What they said: Lions at the 2016 NFL Combine


On the pros and cons of being 6-7:

"I'd say one con is it's harder to get low. Football is a game of leverage and you have to bend more to get lower and have some more flexibility.

"It's not something I've struggled with mightily. At the same time, generally you're going to have longer limbs so you can have more leverage to keep guys from your chest and your body. It can be a good thing or bad thing but I don't think it's something that's served me badly in my career."

On the transition from college to the pros:

"I've heard from some guys in college I played with who've gone on to the next level and had success that the style of play is a lot different, but also it's still football.

"I think the biggest challenge is going to be, though I did play some really good players in college, I'm going to see the best players I'm ever going to see every single week. There's no room for error. you can't have an off game or a couple of bad plays.

"As an offensive lineman, a couple of bad plays means a bad game. You have to be consistent. Playing against high level players, you have to execute at a high level and it's challenging."

On the best lineman he's faced:

"I would say Joey (Bosa) or Kahlil Mack (Buffalo in 2013 opener)."

On how much it helped going against Bosa in practice:

"That can't be understated. Getting to play against a guy like him or a guy like Noah Spence for two years and even Adolphus Washington, Michael Bennett, Johnathan Hankins or John Simon.

"Joey is an incredible player. He's really complete. He plays the run really well. He's strong. He's quick off the ball. He's good with his hands. He's such a complete player. If you do something wrong, he's going to expose you. He made me a lot better player."

On if he aspires to play right away:

"Absolutely. I don't think anybody would want to come in and be like, 'Oh, I'll ride the bench for a couple years.' I want to come in immediately. I want to be a starter. I don't want to just be a player that 'we can survive with him.'

"I want to provide value for a team and be an asset and not a guy who's kind of dead weight. That's a huge goal to have. It's going to be very difficult to do. It's something I'm going to pursue and chase and hopefully accomplish."


**On what sets him apart from other defensive linemen:


"I would say my athleticism. I have strength and power so I feel like those two combined with the size I have is really great. I think that sets me apart from everybody else."

On what he'd like to get better at:

"Everything. I feel like I can improve on everything. Not matter what's good and what's bad. I feel like I can improve. But I most want to improve on my pass rush and becoming a better rusher."

On what attributes guys who come through Alabama's system have:

"You develop discipline. You know exactly what you have to do, playing for Coach Saban. Really helped us be more disciplined to play to our best ability. To be the best we can. To go out every day and give 100 percent no matter what it is, what we were doing. On and off the field. Just being a better man. So it really helped us playing for the University of Alabama."

On what an NFL team will get in him:

"A great player. A high motor player. Give great effort. Plays to best of his ability every single play. So they're going to get all of that. I'm not going to give them less than that."


**On how Jim Harbaugh's NFL-style system helped him prepare for the NFL:


"I can't say enough about Coach Harbaugh. I think the world of him. I think that he's done an immense amount for me in making it to the next level. I really owe a lot of this to him and I can't thank him enough."

On what Harbaugh helped him with specifically:

"Really just his staff in general. Coach Tim Drevno was awesome for me and his techniques and the emphasis he put on essentially installing a legitimate professional offense with all the layers to it that an NFL offense would have."

On the best defensive lineman he's faced:

"In the regular season I would have to say Austin Johnson, but I think Sheldon Rankins was pretty good. He's just real quick. He's quick and big."


On if he studies any NFL players:

"Yeah, definitely. I usually try to pay attention to my position and learn anything I can from them. Some guys I like — Joe Staley. I really just like the way he plays. Undersized guy in terms of weight, but he's got technique. And Jason Peters."

On if he sees himself as a guard or tackle:

"Yeah, a lot of teams have asked me about that. What I told them was my honest answer. I really just feel comfortable whatever I played last. I played guard my redshirt sophomore year and then tackle after that. I am comfortable at tackle, but at the Senior Bowl I played right guard. So I really think that will help me as far as my versatility."

On the Combine experience:

"That's something I've tried to take away from this whole experience. Just try to appreciate the moment. It's great to make it this far in your career. But I am trying to show teams something."

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