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WEEK IN REVIEW: Rookie media session wrap-up

The rest of the Lions rookies - with the exception of running back Dwayne Washington, who is currently finishing his degree - met with the media this week.

Here are some key takeaways from those media sessions:

OL Joe Dahl: If anyone has experience protecting the quarterback, it's Dahl. He came from a very pass-happy offense at Washington State. But Dahl knows that experience doesn't guarantee him a job in Detroit.

"I definitely think it got me a lot of reps at pass protection," Dahl said Tuesday. "That's for sure. Other than that, it doesn't have anything to do with what we're doing now."

LB Antwione Williams: Williams, the former Georgia Southern linebacker, stood out against all levels of competition in college.

"I felt that regardless of competition I always played really well," Williams said Tuesday. "I always stood out on the field regardless (if it was) West Virginia, Georgia or Bowling Green."

"I feel like I kind of took a professional outlook on my craft even in college," he said. "I feel like it was important to me if I was hurt to get in the ice bath or go see a trainer. If you didn't know something go talk to the coaches. Watch film on your own. Studying on your own.

"You can't put minimum effort in and expect maximum results. You got to put all you got into it."

DL Anthony Zettel: Zettel may currently be best known for videos of him accomplishing interesting feats like tackling a tree or kicking a water bottle, but that's obviously not why the Lions drafted him. They're more interested in the intensity and the versatility he showed on the football field.

"It was a dead tree, so it wasn't crazy impressive," Zettel said of the tree video. "I think the more impressive thing was, I didn't break my shoulder."

QB Jake Rudock: Playing in a pro-style system at Michigan certainly helped Rudock prepare for his NFL transition, but he says he still has a lot to learn.

"A lot of the concepts – pass game, run game – are very similar," Rudock said Thursday. "Obviously, having run a pro system was very helpful."

"The terminology has changed. While concepts may remain the same, there's still a lot to learn and defenses are a little more complex (in the NFL). I've got to catch up on all that."

LS Jimmy Landes: Landes find himself in one of the most clear cut position battles on the Lions roster. There's one long snapper spot and two long snappers (Landes and veteran Don Muhlbach). But according to Landes, it hasn't been awkward at all.

"He's taught me everything," Landes said. "Mules has been a good mentor to me. He's seen everything. It's nice to have Mules next to my side. I can ask him anything. We understand it's a business. It is one job. The good thing about him is, he's from Texas as well as me. I feel like he's my brother."

The Lions hosted the fourth annual Taste of the Lions event at Ford Field Wednesday night.

Fans in attendance strolled around Ford Field sampling food from Detroit's finest restaurants and mingling with Lions players, coaches and alumni.

Check out the photos and video from the event.


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