WEEK IN REVIEW: Lions news out of Houston

Even though the Lions aren't one of the two teams gearing up to play in Super Bowl LI, there's still reason to pay attention to the news coming out of Houston.

From commissioner Roger Goodell's press conference, to the Patriots and Falcons media sessions, and even former players and analysts on Radio Row, the Lions came up more than once.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick had high praise for Lions general manager Bob Quinn, who worked with the Patriots for 16 seasons before coming to Detroit last year.

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"I can't say enough good things about Bob and what he did for our organization and what he did for me personally," Belichick said Wednesday.

"He was always giving a good, honest opinion. It wasn't always something that we agreed on. That was healthy, because it forced me to look at things and quite often he was right in his opinion and I felt like I was wrong in mine. He gave me great direction."

Quinn wasn't the only one the Super Bowl teams had kind words for. Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan spoke very highly of Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.

"I think the world of Matthew Stafford," Ryan said Thursday. "I think he's an incredible player. He's had some great seasons. He's had some really productive seasons and played at a high level.

"I know every time we watch their film going into games (against) a like opponent, you're just so impressed with what he can do. I think he's going to have a lot of really productive years in front of him just like he has up until this point."

It wasn't all overly positive. Lions legend Barry Sanders gave his honest assessment of the Lions' run game, and how they could look to improve it. "Just because you have a draft doesn't mean you have a guy," Sanders said of the running back position. "It takes some home work. "Who are those guys out there that can do what you need them to do to run the ball? Whether it's a free agent or someone in the draft. I couldn't tell you who that guy is. I don't know. But I'm sure they're putting their minds to it."

In addition to people talking about the Lions this week, a few Lions themselves were spotted in Houston.

Cornerback Johnson Bademosi was out raising awareness on multiple social issues.

"All guys who are pretty aware of what's going on in their community, in this country and care about it and have something to say," Bademosi told local reporters on Radio Row Thursday.

"Not just have something to say, but are doing things through a foundation or their personal lives to affect change."

Bademosi, along with safety Glover Quin and wide receiver Anquan Boldin, were part of The Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality (RISE) panel Friday evening at the Super Bowl.

At the conclusion of the event, Boldin took a moment to talk about his football future.

"I have a long time to consider that," Boldin said. "That's something I'll take my time with."

"I mean there's definitely interest (in returning to Detroit). But for me, it's seeing what opportunities lie there, going over it with my wife, because any decision that I make doesn't just affect me. It affects me, my wife and my two boys, so it's something I have to take into consideration."

Punter Sam Martin was also spotted in Houston, and Detroitlions.com caught up with him to get his assessment of his 2016 season.

"I'm a tough grader," he said. "But this season I would give myself a pretty good grade. I exceeded my goals other than going to the Pro Bowl. "My coverage team was awesome. My kickoff coverage team was awesome.

"So, I definitely think that personally I'd grade my season very well, but like anything else, it's hard to be perfect, so, I can always be better, but I was definitely happy with my season."

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It's the offseason so there's nothing going on, right? Wrong! There's actually quite a bit going on.

The team announced Wednesday that updated logo and new typeface revealed online that morning are elements of a full rebranding. The rebranding includes new uniforms that will be revealed on April 13.

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