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WEEK IN REVIEW: Lions begin OTAs

The Lions started the OTA portion of their offseason workouts this week with three days of practice.

"It's obviously a lot of fun during this time of year," head coach Jim Caldwell said. "We get a chance to get out on the field and see what the new guys can do and how much the older guys have improved or going to improve, so it's a very important time."

Check out all of the highlights from the first three days of practice:

Highlight videos: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

As exciting as it is to see the rookies and new guys hit the field, it's also a very big moment for the second-year guys. It's their first practice as NFL veterans.

"Way more comfortable out there, man," second-year safety Miles Killebrew said after Wednesday's practice. "I was just joking with Tavon (Wilson) that it feels like I can get better at specific things now and not everything at once. It's not everything I have to get better at."

Not having to navigate the pre-draft process and then learn a new scheme gives players a chance to focus on where they need to improve individually. For quarterback Jake Rudock, it was in the weight room.

"There's a place with a lot of weights in it," he joked. "They tell me, 'Don't leave. Keep moving stuff.' That's what I tried to do.

"One of the big things is staying healthy in this league. Obviously, adding some weight, adding some muscle to your body can help that. It goes with flexibility as well. Another big thing is trying to add a little zip, or adding different types of throws.

"All that adds up. You can't get too swelled up, though. You've got to have the flexibility to throw the ball with what got you here. It's not like I wake up overnight, and, wow, my arm's a lot stronger. I try to get the ball out on time. That's the big thing."


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