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WEEK IN REVIEW: Assistant coaches meet with media

The Detroit Lions coordinators and assistant coaches met with the media this week, as the team continued the offseason program with their second week of OTAs.

Let's check in on all three phases.

Jim Bob Cooter is back for his third full season as offensive coordinator. He's using this offseason to focus on finding ways to improve both himself and the offense.

"I'm studying a million things," Cooter said. "Trying for these little one percent improvements here, there, everywhere. And it could be something that's obvious to you guys, to the fan at home. It could be something that's totally not obvious, but it may have a big impact at a certain moment."

One obvious area to address is the running game. The Lions ranked last in rushing last season, but running backs coach David Walker is optimistic the group has improved with some of the new additions brought in this offseason.

"We've brought in some guys who have different skill sets than some guys we've had in the room previously," Walker said. "Not to try to pigeon hole guys and say, 'This is their only role,' I think with those additions there won't be any job descriptions on the field that we can't do, based on what we have in the room."

The run game could also get a boost from an improved offensive line. New o-line coach Jeff Davidson is working to build a smart and tough unit.

"I think it's important that we take it on ourselves to say that we have to be able to earn the next run," Davidson said. "You have to be good at one to get another one dialed up. That should be our intent.

"The better we take ownership of our individual jobs, the better off we're going to be. It's just as important that we're on the same page in the run game as it is in pass protection."

The interest in what the Lions' defense will look like in 2018 is high, but it's unlikely we'll have a definitive answer to that question anytime soon.

As defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni said Tuesday, "the scheme in the end will take care of itself."

View photos from the Detroit Lions assistant coaches meeting the media on May 29, 2018.

Linebackers coach Al Golden described the system as a "thinking man's defense."

"We give you the tools," Golden said. "It's your job to put them in your belt and then use them when the situation arises.

"It's still tackling and all those different things but there's a little nuance to how we're teaching things and there's not many exceptions to it. There's a high standard and that's what we're trying to follow right now."

Golden said the scheme is linebacker-friendly, which means the Lions will be asking a lot of second-year LB Jarrad Davis.

"When the signal caller messes a call up, he's got to be able to straighten it out," Pasqualoni said. "So, he's got to learn the calls, and the flow of the words and all that stuff. He's working extremely, extremely hard. He's very tough on himself. He demands a great deal of himself every single day.

"He's the same guy every day. He's focused. He's high intensity. He's consistent. He's extremely dependable and he's a young player who's really learning what it's all about to be the MIKE backer in the National Football League. He's been very good."

Special teams:
Special teams coordinator Joe Marciano addressed the NFL's new kickoff rules, and talked a little bit about how teams might adjust to them.

"I think on kickoff coverage, you'll see more track teams out there," Marciano said. "More speed. You can't put the o-linemen and d-linemen in there anymore or the guys that play in the wedge. Where are they going to play? They can't play the front line. They're not athletic enough to turn and run and backpedal and try to block a guy in space."

Recap all the action from Week 2 of OTAs:


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