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Top 10 quotes from OTAs

  1. Tight end Michael Roberts

On Eric Ebron's advice on the transition from college to NFL

"He jokingly said that 'you probably will never make more mistakes than I did my rookie year.' So you know that was comforting, but I still have to get it done and learn each day."

  1. Cornerback Darius Slay

On Alex Carter's transition to safety

"If you understand how big Alex is, and you saw him with his shirt ripped up, he's kinda big now, super big like an action figure."

  1. Offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter

"It's such a fundamental improvement time for me. I'm more excited about our guys getting better at some boring fundamental that's totally not fun for you guys in the media."

  1. Quarterback Jake Rudock

On how he got stronger during the offseason

"There's a place with a lot of weights in it and they tell me don't leave and just keep moving stuff. So that's what I tried to do." It did seem like your throws had a little more zip to them

"Thank you"

  1. Running back Theo Riddick

On his favorite thing about being on the Lions roster

"I love the fans, diehard fans. They always support us, and we can't wait until obviously preseason to come out, get a little snippet of the season. There's nothing like it."

  1. Head coach Jim Caldwell

"Pro shape is a lot different than college shape. I think we've had some guys who've come in from college and they think they know what good shape is until they see our guys running around. It's a little bit different."

  1. Cornerback Teez Tabor

On going against Marvin Jones Jr.

"Just going against him, he's one of the best, fast, big, can run, can run good routes. I had one good play against him, but he had about 15 against me."

  1. Defensive coordinator Teryl Austin

"I think where we're different is we're a little bit younger, we're a little bit faster overall team speed, linebacker, in the secondary. I think our athleticism is a little better than last year, which I like."

  1. Slay

"Even though I may laugh and giggle, between these lines I'm going to give it my everything."

  1. Running back Tion Green

On if it's fun out on the field

"Absolutely. It's football, if you're not passionate about it, you're not going to be out here."

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