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Staying in with the Lions: Frank Ragnow

We caught up with Detroit Lions center Frank Ragnow to see what he's been up to while staying in and staying safe.

Favorite book?

I just ordered all of the Gary Paulsen books off of Amazon even though I read those in like fifth grade, just so I could read about the outdoors. So like, Hatchet, Brian's Return, Brian's Hunt. All of those.

Favorite show to binge watch?

Criminal Minds

Favorite meal to cook at home?

Last weekend I made homemade deep dish pizza from Pinterest and it was fire. I'm not a culinary expert but I was pretty proud of myself. They've got everything. It's pretty cool. I wanted to go to Chicago before OTAs and eat deep dish pizza all weekend. But now I can't, so it turned out pretty good here.

Best at-home workout?

Planks and push-ups

Most random thing you've done since staying in?

The other night I gave my little sister, she's 20 and is going crazy being quarantined with me, a challenge. She had never heard of the Gallon Challenge. You have an hour to drink a gallon of milk and basically it's physically impossible. Your body can't digest it.

So I gave her 10 bucks to try it and I told her I'd give her 200 bucks if she could do it in an hour and another 50 bucks for every 10 minutes earlier she completed it. She tried to do it real quick and threw up a gallon of milk. Cheap, easy entertainment. I did it with chocolate milk in high school and it was brutal.

Last person you Face Timed?

My buddy Bryson Cook. We've been checking in with each other twice a day to make sure everything's OK. He's in Colorado. We went to college together.