Stafford on Players' Tribune essay: 'I just thought it was important'

Matthew Stafford doesn't post on Facebook. He doesn't have an Instagram account. You won't see him on Twitter. Does he even know what TikTok is? He might not.

Stafford doesn't put himself out there in the public eye too much, so when he does, you know it means something to the veteran quarterback.

Last week, Stafford penned a heartfelt essay titled “We Can’t Just Stick to Football” in the The Players' Tribune, where he detailed racism against teammates he's witnessed firsthand.

"I've had a bunch of good comments from teammates and people that aren't teammates," Stafford said Wednesday, when asked about the article. "It's been positive. Obviously, I'm not on social media, I'm sure there's plenty of people out there who are negative about it, but I just wanted to get my views out there."

Stafford thanked The Players' Tribune for giving him the platform to express himself, and the people within the organization that helped him create it and steer him to that platform.

In the essay, Stafford wrote about an incident that happened this spring involving workouts he set up with teammates. He went to work out with wide receiver Danny Amendola at a field he had permission to use one week and had no issues. The next week, Stafford showed up to the same field with the same permission, this time with some of his Black teammates, and was told to leave. They were even threatened with having the police called on them.

Stafford also wrote about a story teammate Trey Flowers told that really stuck with him on the day in August the team decided to cancel practice in protest of the Jacob Blake shooting.

"I just thought it was important to do," Stafford said of the essay. "Felt like I wanted to do it and I'm glad I got some positive feedback. It's obviously something I don't do on a regular basis.

"I'm not going to share with the world what I had for lunch and breakfast like a lot of people like to do these days. It's just not my deal. But I thought this was an important topic. I wouldn't say it's something that's going to continue to be extremely regular, but I thought it was important and I'm glad I did it."

It's certainly worth taking the time to click the link provided above and give it a read.

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