Stafford doesn't see a Johnson return happening

Detroit Lions fans who would like to see Calvin Johnson return to football – and that would make quarterback Matthew Stafford happier than anybody – should not count on him ending his retirement.

Stafford is convinced that Johnson had his mind made up for good when he announced in March that he was retiring after nine seasons as a Lion.

Johnson's future  -- and the possibility of him returning -- came up in an interview Wednesday evening on the Mitch Albom Show on WJR-760 at the annual Taste of the Lions event at Ford Field.

"In my mind, I don't see that happening," Stafford said. "He retired because he wanted to. That's it."

Stafford and Johnson developed a close relationship in the seven seasons they played together, and Stafford said they have remained in touch in the offseason. Based on their association, Stafford said he had a feeling that the 2015 season would be Johnson's last, and he was not surprised when he retired.

He did not try to talk him out of it, Stafford said.

"I didn't," Stafford said. "I think he knows where I stand on that (wishing he'd return). I want him to be happy, and do it (play) because you want to do it.  I talk to him somewhat regularly. He just wants to know what's up."

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