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Quinn: No decision yet on Jim Caldwell

Detroit Lions owner Martha Firestone Ford was asked Monday if she preferred if new executive vice president and general manager Bob Quinn keeps Jim Caldwell on as head coach.

"I love Jim Caldwell," Ford said. "But I don't want to answer that question."

The Lions have said all along it will be Quinn's decision to make regarding the head coach.

"No preconceived notions or recommendations from ownership," Quinn said. "This decision will be mine and mine alone."

Quinn said Monday he isn't going to make any snap decisions until he gets to know Caldwell better.

He and Caldwell crossed paths briefly for about 30 seconds Monday morning before Quinn was announced to his new role in a press conference in Allen Park. Quinn plans a more extensive sit down sometime after Monday.

"I need to get to know Jim," Quinn said. "I met Jim today for 30 seconds. I don't have a great feel just yet. I've heard good things about him from my colleagues around the league, but that takes time. I'm not going to make a snap judgment on anything. That's not how I work."

There is no set timetable for a decision on Caldwell's future, Quinn said.

It's also not important to him that he has an experienced head coach since he's a first-time GM.

"I just want to get the best person for the Lions," he said.

How well Quinn thinks he can work with Caldwell will be the determining factor as to whether he stays on or not. Will his philosophies and beliefs mesh with Quinn's?

"The scouting staff and the coaching staff have to mesh together," Quinn said. "So, if you can't have that, it's going to be a hard mix. So, I really want to get to know coach Caldwell and see if we can work together."

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