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Quinn: Lions need more playmakers, period

INDIANAPOLIS – Last season, it just so happened to work out for Lions general manager Bob Quinn that the NFL draft's deepest and most talented position groups were also positions of need.

The Lions had a huge need at both offensive tackle and defensive tackle, and landed Taylor Decker and A'Shawn Robinson with their first two picks.

The drafts gods just might be smiling down on Quinn again this offseason.

When asked Wednesday where this year's draft was deep, Quinn said running back, defensive line, wide receiver and in the secondary were his top four. The Lions could use players at all four spots, especially along the defensive line and in the secondary.

"It looks like they have a lot of depth right now going into the Combine, (but) things change this week and into the Pro Days and into the pre-draft meetings when we bring the prospects into Detroit, those things can change," Quinn said.

Detroit's true needs will be ever-changing. What happens in free agency could potentially cross a need off the list, but Quinn was especially clear that he's looking to add playmakers to his roster, especially on defense.

"I think we need more playmakers, bottom line," he said. "Whether that's on the offensive side of the ball or the defensive side of the ball. You know, we didn't really – I think we were in the bottom five in the league in interceptions, so I think that's an area that we need to improve.

"That's just not the corners. That's the linebackers, that's the safeties, that's the defensive line putting pressure on the quarterback, so I think it's the whole team defense thing that kind of helps your guys that are in the secondary in the second level of the defense be able to make plays that can change games."

Detroit's 10 interceptions this past season were tied for 26th, the four fumble recoveries ranked 29th and the 26 sacks collected by Detroit's defense were the second-fewest last season.

The Lions' defense ranked last in STATS INC's successful plays allowed index. It measures any time an offense gains 40 percent of the yardage necessary for a first down on first down, 50 percent of the yardage necessary for a first down on second down or gains the first down on third or fourth down. Opponents accomplished that 53.7 percent of the time.

Quinn is on the lookout for more playmakers, and the Lions need them, especially on the defensive side of the ball.

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