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O'HARA: Players excited about new uniforms

Look good, play good?

Detroit Lions tight end Eric Ebron has taken to heart those words often expressed in some form by NFL Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders.

The Lions' new uniforms, revealed to the public at the Member Summit at Ford Field Thursday night, looked good to Ebron.

So, look good, play good?

"You heard Deion Sanders," Ebron said, referring to the Hall of Fame cornerback. "Come on, man. That's a legend right there. You heard what he said. If we look good, we play good. If we play good ... , all that good stuff."

Ebron's enthusiasm for the Lions new uniforms was obvious. The Lions will have four sets of new uniforms to wear in 2017 -- home, road, Throwbacks and color rush. The Lions last wore Throwbacks in 2010. They've been limited to home and road only the last six seasons.

View photos of the Detroit Lions 2017 uniforms.

Ebron liked all four, which have the following basic color combinations:

Home: Honolulu blue jerseys with silver numbers, trimmed with anthracite and silver pants.

Away: Traditional white jerseys with blue numbers and Honolulu blue pants.

Color rush: Jerseys and pants are steel gray – Ebron calls it "chrome" – with white numerals.

Throwback: Traditional Honolulu blue, block numbers, silver pants without striping.

The uniforms were modeled by players in a spectacular sound and video production staged in the Ford Field atrium narrated by nationally renowned sportscaster Mike Tirico of NBC.

The reveal was no secret, but Lions management and Nike kept the exact color combinations a secret until Thursday night.

Clearly, players were excited about the change – none more than Ebron. He was the only player who spoke to the media.

"I've known about it forever now," he said. "It's exciting to finally be able to reveal them, and finally be able to say something.

"I'm in love, because not only do we get to wear something new, but we all get to walk into the locker room every Sunday and not expect the same traditional blue or white. We can mix and match. We have alternate colors.  We have Throwback uniforms. We have color rush uniforms.

"We're excited."

Nike says the uniforms are 29 percent lighter than the previous uniforms worn by the Lions. Ebron has not given them a full test, but he has noticed a difference in the times he has worn them.

"It's not like I got out there and ran 60 yards with it," Ebron said. "If Nike says it's lighter, it's lighter.

"I was doing all kinds of shots in it. It definitely a better feel. You're definitely going to love playing in that uniform. As long as we feel better as players, we're hopefully going to do things different.

"I think we've got the best uniforms in the NFL."

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