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Lions' training facility undergoing upgrades

Change has made its way through Allen Park this offseason, and it hasn't been limited to the the front office and coaching staff.

The Lions' training facility is going through some upgrades as well, the biggest of which is a brand new weight room.

"We're redoing the weight room, so you guys will kind of see some stuff on here in the month or so with some improvements there," general manager Bob Quinn said of the changes to the weight room down at the NFL League Meetings last week.

"You'll see some just minor things aesthetically that we're trying to improve because, you know, the football facility is where the players come to work. We want the players to be comfortable. We want them to be there, to enjoy coming to work, to enjoy putting in extra work. So, we're just going to do little things around the building to kind of improve that."

One more big addition is the hiring of Sarah Snyder as the new team performance dietitian.

"It's huge," Quinn said of Snyder's addition to the medical staff. "We had that in New England and I think the research that we did, I think the NFL has about eight to 10 full-time dietitians.

"We wanted to get somebody this offseason because if we waited until next offseason, another five or six teams are going to have one. You're trying to pick from the best professionals in the country for these jobs, so we felt like it was an important thing to go out and get this offseason. We felt, with Sarah Snyder, we got a great one."

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