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Lions rookie limericks

This year will be his professional debut

But we already know how much he enjoys the zoo,

In the trenches he's a wrecker

That young Taylor Decker,

We're pretty pumped to see what he can do.

Our next draft pick has always looked old

And opposing offenses always seemed to fold,

He's got both brains and brawn

His friends call him A'Shawn,

Good luck stopping him without a hold.

They're both used to hearing 'Go Blue'

Together, there's a lot they've been through,

We're glad they're on our side

Now fighting for #OnePride,

We welcome Glasgow and Rudock to our crew.

Miles Killebrew lays all the big hits

The man's effort, it simply never quits,

He's known as the muscle hammer

Although he's not a fan of the glamour,

Safety or linebacker, he'll play wherever he fits.

In the 5th round this lineman got the call

He's somewhat the opposite of small,

He's sturdy as a rock

And quick with the block,

From across the country we welcome Joe Dahl.

Antwione Williams was our next draft pick

After the combine he shot up draft boards real quick,

College ball in the Sun Belt

And a smile that'll make you melt,

Plus he knows how to make a dishwasher tick.

Our next rookie is a local boy from Tawas City

He tackles trees, so you know he's got to be gritty,

On the field he's a killer

Both on and off he's a thriller,

We welcome Zettel to Detroit with this ditty.

A new face for some of you perhaps

But others know him for his trick snaps,

It's his personal mission

To help us gain field position,

To Jimmy Landes, a tip of our caps.

Our last pick was well worth the wait

A speedster right out of the gate,

We're afraid you're insane

If you think you're faster than Dwayne,

And it's really not up for debate.

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