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Highlights from Daniel Jeremiah & Bucky Brooks' conference call

Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn said recently at the Lions' annual season ticket members summit that he has a pretty good idea of about five or six players that could be available for the Lions to select at No. 20 in this month's NFL Draft.

In a national conference call Wednesday afternoon, the question of which players might be in that group of five or six was posed to NFL Network draft analysts Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks.

"One I would keep an eye on… Will Hernandez would be an interesting one," Jeremiah said. "I think he kind of fits the physical nature they want to have there with that team, the guard from UTEP. I think he's outstanding. He would definitely be one I would put in the mix there."

Jeremiah said LSU running back Derrius Guice could also be in that mix of five or six players who could make sense for the Lions at No. 20.

"I think he's better than any back they have on campus right now," Jeremiah said of Guice.

He also named Florida defensive tackle Taven Bryan as player Quinn could be thinking about at No. 20.

Brooks looked to the defensive side of the football for two players he thought could be in the mix for that first-round selection.

View photos of NFL prospect Marcus Davenport.

"Obviously someone on the front four. If by chance (Marcus) Davenport was to slip and fall a little bit, I think he'd be a great fit to either eventually replace Ziggy Ansah or to put him on the opposite side of Ziggy Ansah to give them two pass rushers with some versatility that can come after the quarterback in a division that is kind of loaded with quarterbacks," Brooks said.

"Also (Maurice) Hurst from Michigan. Trying to find an interior pass rusher. Someone that can create some havoc on the inside. We've seen how the game is evolving. You want to make sure you can be able to get someone in the A-gap that can disrupt and disturb the timing of the passing game."

Both analysts were asked about the running back position as it relates to the Lions in the draft:

"I think you're trying to find ideally someone who can do a little bit of everything," Jeremiah said. "Sony Michel makes a lot of sense. I mentioned Derrius Guice a little bit earlier. Those would be the two, I think, that would be in the mix there if you wanted to take one in the first round. I think those would be your two options."

Brooks took a different approach and looked at three running backs that might fit if the Lions waited until Day 2 to bolster their numbers at the position.

"I think you can break it up even further," Brooks said. "If you look (at the Lions), they appear to have, outside of LeGarrette Blount, more of the smaller scat-back types. Theo Riddick and Ameer Abdullah are smaller. You like to think of them as pass-catching running backs. I'm sure they would like some size.

"I think if you're thinking size from the traditional sense, if you go into the second and maybe third round, Nick Chubb being a guy that can do what LeGarrette Blount will probably be asked to do. He fits. I think a guy that is underrated and hasn't been talked about a lot, I think Royce Freeman from Oregon is a guy that you think about maybe in the third or so round for a back that has value that has some size and toughness and also some pass-catching skills. I think he can be that guy."

Brooks also said that former San Diego State running back Rashaad Penny is a player that could also be in the mix for Detroit on Day 2. Penny is a bigger back that Brooks said can also do all of the things that are asked of a No. 1 running back in the NFL in terms of running inside, outside and catching the ball out of the backfield.

At what positions is this draft strong? Where is it weakest?

Jeremiah thinks the four position groups where this draft is particularly strong are quarterback, off-the-ball linebacker, interior offensive line and running back.

Jeremiah considers this a weak class of edge rushers and offensive tackles.

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