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GET TO KNOW: Cornerback Jamal Agnew


Agnew: Well, growing up my sisters couldn't pronounce my name all the way so they would say 'Mal Mal.' Now everyone in my family calls me Mal Mal.


Agnew: San Diego, California.

If a Lions fan were to come to your hometown, the first place you would take them would be ...?

Agnew: Definitely a beach. There aren't a lot of beaches out here, so if you go to San Diego, you can go to any beach you want up the coast. It's beautiful.

College major?

Agnew: Communications.

Favorite TV show?

Agnew: Dexter or Prison Break.

Who would play you in a movie?

Agnew: I'd have to say like Michael B. Jordan or Will Smith in his younger days. I'm a big Fresh Prince of Bel-Air fan.

Favorite food?

Agnew: Chicken parm.

Do you have any hidden talents?

Agnew: I'm really good at 2K. I don't hide that though. I make it real known that I'm good at 2K ... video games in general. For a hidden talent, I'd say I'm pretty good at cooking.

If you weren't playing football, what would you be doing?

Agnew: I'd definitely want to work for ESPN one day, but my ultimate goal is to hopefully coach high school football back at my local high school.

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

Agnew: Super speed, easy.

One person you'd like to meet?

Agnew: Martin Luther King Jr. because he's done so much for the African American culture in general, and you know he was a brave man.

Favorite athlete of all time?

Agnew: I'm a huge Deion Sanders fan. Kobe Bryant as well.

Favorite thing about Detroit so far?

Agnew: Definitely the food. The food at the facility is great. We went out to the city, and the city is a lot different than San Diego. It's a lot more lively and there's a lot of things going on. I think that's my favorite part so far.

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