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Five Facts: Graham Glasgow

1. He was a walk-on.

Glasgow walked onto the University of Michigan football team in 2011, before being awarded a scholarship during the spring practice portion of the 2013 season. The newest Lion believes that experience changed him for the better.

"When it comes to being a walk-on, something that has sort of saw me as the person that's most responsible for your development is yourself and you have to find the motivation to get yourself better," Glasgow said. "That just comes through working as hard as you can in practice and in the weight room and that's what I expect to carry over to the Lions."

  1. Michigan is his family, and vice versa. * *

Graham's younger brother, Ryan, a redshirt senior defensive lineman, followed in Graham's footsteps by walking onto the Michigan football team in 2012. But two Glasgows apparently weren't enough. Graham and Ryan's youngest brother, Jordan, a sophomore safety, walked on just two years later. The Glasgow's youngest sibling, their sister Anna, is still in high school.

Check out this article from Campus Rush to learn more about the Glasgow family at Michigan. **3. Versatility is his middle name.


Glasgow started games at all three interior offensive line positions at Michigan, and won the Hugh J. Rader, Jr. Memorial Award in 2015, awarded to the "Best Lineman" as selected each year by the team's coaches. The last Wolverine to be drafted by the Lions, Jeff Backus, won the same award twice. Graham is ready to play whatever position is asked of him ... even defense?

"I'm ready to play whatever the coaches want me to play. If they want be to play corner, I'll play corner. If they want me to play left tackle, I'll play left tackle. I'll play anything," Glasgow said.

4. He is kind of a genius.

Glasgow was named to the Academic All-Big 10 three separate times during his college career, in 2013, 2014, and 2015. He majored in economics, and won the university's athletic academic achievement award in 2013.

5. He almost went to Ohio State!

What?! Yes! Glasgow could have been the Lions' second pick from The Ohio State University in 2016. Graham was recruited by the Buckeyes as a preferred walk-on. But a coaching change in Columbus steered the future Lion to Ann Arbor. However, he still has a good relationship with Lions' first-round pick Taylor Decker.

"It's actually funny that it's Taylor (Decker) and I because we were out at the Combine together and he said, 'You know, let's get each other's numbers,' like he said that to me and a couple other guys," Glasgow said. "He was like there's a good chance maybe some of us will end up playing together. Surely enough, it's him and I. So, it's kind of funny how that worked out."

Decker's clairvoyance aside, the Lions' first-round pick was excited by the selection.

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