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Five facts: A'Shawn Robinson

1. He's 21 years old.

What's so interesting about his age? Surely there were plenty of 21-year-olds drafted this year. But when the Lions selected this 21-year-old with the 46th overall pick, Twitter was abuzz with conversation because A'Shawn Robinson is one mature-looking man.

But apparently this is nothing new for Robinson, and he takes it in stride.

"It's funny, you know, they always joke around and call me old man and stuff, but I just take it how it is," Robinson said. "Some people have that problem, looking older than what they are."

2. The proof is in the birth certificate.

Still don't believe Robinson about his age? Just ask his Mom. She can show you his birth certificate. In fact, she used to bring it to football games when Robinson was younger so he could play.

"Yeah, I had to sit out a couple of games because my mom couldn't get off work, so eventually she just started like scheduling around it where she was at every game," Robinson said. "She couldn't miss like one, single game because she had to bring my birth certificate every, single time.

"So, once I got like eight years I played up, and then after that never played my age again, so she never had to do it anymore."

3. He's got hops.

Robinson checks in a 6-4, 307, but the man can move ... and jump. Check out this video (via SBNation) of the Alabama big man hurdling a human to block a kick. 4. AKA the infamous A-tron

There will never be another Megatron in Detroit, but what about A-tron? A blend between A'Shawn and Megatron?

According to his former teammate and fellow defensive tackle Jarran Reed in a Star-Telegram article, Robinson more than lives up to the nickname his teammates bestowed upon him.

5. 5 stars for Robinson

Robinson was a consensus 5-star recruit coming out of high school. ranked him No. 5 overall and the No. 1 defensive tackle in his class.

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