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Bob Quinn talks Caldwell, playoffs and more

Lions general manager Bob Quinn joined SiriusXM radio hosts Gil Brandt and Alex Marvez Wednesday night and spoke on a number of different topics.

Here's what Quinn had to say:

On retaining coach Jim Caldwell in 2017: "Jim's done a really good job. Him and his staff put together this team with help from my scouting staff and they really did a good job developing some of the young players. We have quite a number of rookies on the team that are playing significant roles.

"So, I'm really happy with how that has gone. You know, making the playoffs is pretty difficult to do in this league, as a lot of coaches and front office people know. So, I was really glad to bring Jim back for next year and really excited about keeping the focus on Saturday night in Seattle."

On how tough it is to go to West Coast and play on short week: "It's challenging, but I think our players came in this week with a great attitude. Had good focus the last two practices. We'll play the games when the league tells us to show up and play them.

"We can't get angry at the league office for scheduling us two straight short weeks. We're just going to go out and play our best game of the season on Saturday night. I know everyone here in this facility is excited about it and ready to go out there."

On Matthew Stafford's injured finger: "I think I'll take a page out of coach Caldwell's book and ask you guys to check the injury report. He's actually not on the injury report this week. The first game or two he was getting used to how the finger was going with the glove, but I think he's done an outstanding job of working through it and he's looked good out there in practice this week."

On the play of his rookie class thus far: "I think we've got a number of guys that have contributed really from the start of the season. Taylor Decker started every game at left tackle and that's a pretty difficult feat for a rookie. He's done a real solid job. That position is a really hard position to play, and Taylor's done a good job of getting better every week kind of really studying his opponent and know what kind of game that he has to play each and every week because the defensive ends in this league come in all shapes and sizes and you can't always play the same game against these pass rushers.

"Graham Glasgow came in, we drafted him knowing he could play center and guard, and he has started both positions due to a couple injuries we've had upfront this season so that's been a really good nucleus up there.

"Joe Dahl, who we drafted in the fifth round along the offensive line, that's gotten some playing time of late, so we see a good future with him as well.

"A couple of the other guys, A'Shawn Robinson is really playing well for us. Antwione Williams is a backup linebacker and special teams player. Miles Killebrew. There's a number of guys and a few rookie free agents that have stepped up. Adairius Barnes. Jace Billingsley is on the roster now.

"I'm really happy with how the rookie class has come in and competed and helped us this season. As we all know in this profession, the biggest bump for a player is from year one to year two, so I have great expectations of these guys being even better next year."

View photos from the Detroit Lions' practice on Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2017.

How much will improving the RB position be a point of emphasis this offseason: "We'll definitely try to get better at the running back position as well as all the other positions."

On what's impressed Quinn about Zach Zenner: "In Zach's case, my first view of Zach was last preseason in 2015. I think he was the leading rusher in the preseason in 2015. He really caught our eye when I was in New England and he ended up making the team in Detroit.

"When I got to know Zach in the offseason, he's an incredible worker. He's really tough, really dependable. He's a very instinctive runner. He really showed up in the passing game as well last week. As everyone knows, that's a position you have to have quality depth because unfortunately, durability of these guys sometimes doesn't last throughout the season."

On Teryl Austin: "Really impressed by a couple things. First, the way he handles players. (He) has a really great working relationship. He can get on them when it's time to get on them, but he can also have a really good rapport with everyone in the room, whether it be the defensive linemen, secondary or the linebackers.

"We're supportive of Teryl's pursuit of being a head coach, and we hope something works out for him. If not, we'd obviously love to have him here."

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