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5 things to watch: NFL annual meetings

The League Meetings kick off today in Orlando with a number of important league topics up for discussion. Among them will be the new rule, bylaw and resolution proposals.

But this is also a good time to catch up with Detroit Lions decision makers to get an update on everything going on both on and off the field with the team.

Here are some things to watch out for in the next few days at the League Meetings:

**Catching up with head coach Matt Patricia


All of the league's 32 head coaches also take part in meetings over the next few days in Orlando. An annual tradition at the meetings is the coaches breakfast Tuesday morning. Coaches are available to the media for an hour over breakfast in a rather informal setting.

This will be a good opportunity to catch up with Patricia for the first time since the Combine. What are his thoughts after evaluating the roster he took over? What does he like about some of the new free-agent signings and how might they fit in his defense? There is a lot of future content that comes out of this media session.

The breakfast also gives media members a chance to chat with some of the league's other coaches.

It's always informative to stop by the tables of Mike Zimmer, Mike McCarthy and this year new Bears head coach Matt Nagy to see what the top news is around the NFC North.

Bob Quinn media availability

Lions general manager Bob Quinn usually sits down with Detroit beat writers in attendance for a Q&A session.

The breakdown of what he liked about the free agents he targeted and what went into other free agent decisions is always interesting. What are his current thoughts on the roster, and what might the team still be looking to add?

Sitting down with team president Rod Wood

Wood also is kind enough to sit down with beat writers to give an update on the business side of the organization. Ford Field updates, uniform changes and the formation of a cheerleading team have been big items of discussion the last three years.

An update on the bidding process to host the NFL Draft in Detroit, proposed changes to the NFL's hiring process for head coaches, any scheduling requests the team might have submitted to the league, and potential updates to the team's Allen Park practice facility could all be topics of discussion.

Rule changes

The Competition Committee submitted a total of 26 rule, bylaw and resolution changes for the league's ownership to discuss and vote on. Any change to the rules or bylaws needs a two-thirds majority vote, or at least 24 votes to pass.

Among some of the rules to be discussed over the next few days will be a change to the catch rule and whether or not the league will change the pass interference penalty from a spot foul to a 15-yard penalty.

Free-agent signings or trades

Along with the owners, general managers, team presidents, coaches and other NFL personnel in attendance, a lot of agents make the trip for the opportunity to talk business.

It's not uncommon for players to sign contracts during the meetings or for a trade or two to be hashed out.

Stay tuned for any news over the next few days.

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