10 QUESTIONS WITH TWENTYMAN: Will Levy see more snaps?

Every week during the regular season Tim Twentyman will answer 10 good questions from his Twitter account @ttwentyman in a feature we call "10 Questions with Twentyman."

20man: It's naïve to think it won't have any impact at all, but I believe it will be marginal.

As injured fingers go, the middle finger (which is the injured finger here) and the ring finger play a supporting role in throwing the football, in my opinion.

Hurting the thumb and index finger would be a much worse injury for a quarterback to suffer.

Back in 2011, it was the index finger that Stafford injured. He told WJR Radio earlier this week that the 2011 injury was worse.

Stafford will have plenty of options to test out this week and find what's most comfortable for him. Wednesday he was working with a specialized fingerless glove tailored to just cover the middle finger. He looked just fine to me throwing the football during the open portion of practice.

He has a whole week to manage the injury and tinker with different options.

It might affect his velocity some, but it's certainly a manageable injury.

20man: The fingerless glove adapted to cover just his middle finger appears to me to be a good option for a quarterback who doesn't like wearing a glove. It probably makes the ball feel pretty natural in his hand, or as natural as it can, but the light rain in the forecast could certainly affect grip.

As for the offense, I wouldn't expect the it to change much, if at all. They'll continue to try to be balanced between the run and the pass. This is an offense that utilizes a lot of quick, short passes to give pass catchers a chance to make plays after the catch.

And they'll take their shots when given the opportunity in single coverage. I really don't think anything needs to change. Again, Stafford looked fine throwing the ball when I watched him Wednesday.

20man: It's been a tough year for Ansah on the injury front. He admitted a couple weeks back that the ankle injury he suffered in Week 2 has affected him all year, and will continue to do so. He injured a shoulder last week. He sat out practice on Wednesday.

If he's able to play Sunday in New York, and able to play without being severely limited by injury, it's a good matchup for him against Giants left tackle Ereck Flowers.

Flowers has allowed the second-most hurries (42) of any tackle in the NFL this season. He's also the second-most penalized (12).

I believe Ansah will get a sack at some point this season, and it will be an impactful one at that.

20man: Well, Odell Beckham Jr. has emerged as one of the top receivers in the NFL. The Lions didn't even face him in that 2014 matchup during his rookie season because he was dealing with an injury.

Defensively, this is an entirely different unit. The Giants spent big-time on that side of the ball this offseason, and it has paid off. They've assembled, in my opinion, the best complementary pass rush/secondary combo in football, outside of Denver.

New York's allowed the second-fewest passing touchdowns (13) in the NFL. They've also recorded 30 sacks.

Opposing passers have just a 76.3 passer rating against the Giants this season.

This is one of the better defenses the Lions will face this season. They're much better on that front than they were when the teams played in 2014.

20man: It will be interesting to see how the Lions choose to defend him. Will they shadow Darius Slay on him all game? They've done that in the past against elite receivers.

But don't sleep on rookie Sterling Shepard. He's having a fine rookie season with 51 receptions and six touchdowns.

Teryl Austin will certainly have a plan. If it were me, I'd probably go in with the thought that Beckham Jr. isn't going to be the one to beat me. I'd shadow my best cornerback on him, play best on best and see where the cards fall.

We'll see Sunday what Austin and the Lions decide to do.

20man: That's still up in the air, Kris.

Riddick did not participate in practice Wednesday. We'll have to see how he progresses from that wrist injury as the week goes on.

A wrist injury might be tricky for a back like Riddick, where catching the ball is such a huge part of his game. There's also the concern about ball security when we're talking about a hand/wrist injury to a running back.

Caldwell was asked Monday if he was concerned at all with his depth at running back this week with Dwayne Washington (ankle) and Zach Zenner (concussion) also dealing with injuries. He didn't seem too concerned.

"You know, I think we'll be OK," he said.

Zenner took part in the open portion of practice Wednesday, but was wearing a red no-contact jersey. He's working his way through the return-to-play concussion protocol.

I thought Washington and Zenner more than handled their own as a combo against the Bears. The Lions ran for 114 yards with a 4.1 average. Zenner averaged 5.1 yards per carry and Washington averaged 4.0.

20man: If he came out of Sunday's 18-snap performance OK, I'd expect his reps to continue to increase. He was able to impact the game, even in limited reps, with four tackles.

As far as affecting scheme, I think his return gives Austin more options, which is a good thing. I fully expect Austin to continue to use the three-safety package that's been so effective. Maybe they use Levy as a nickel backer within that package. Maybe that package can become even more effective? Levy's return provides Detroit with a lot of options.

20man: Unfortunately, I don't have any updates on that front. He was not back at practice on Wednesday, and the Lions have not publicly made a decision on what they plan to do.

Linebacker Jon Bostic has been working off to the side of practice in recent weeks. He and Abdullah appear to be the most likely candidates to be designated for return at some point.

I still contend that Abdullah would have the bigger impact of the two.

20man: Boy, would I love to be down at field level to hear some of the trash talking between those two.

It should be a great matchup. This is one of those games where Slay can take a big step forward in the national eye with a great performance on OBJ.

He calls himself "Big Play Slay." Let's see if he lives up to the nickname this week.

20man: They have this guy that plays quarterback. His name is Aaron Rodgers.

Whenever he's on the field, the Packers have a legit chance to win the game.

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